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Cool SSD v. HD Test

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by zdobson, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I was just at the Apple store and the guys showed me a great comparison between the SSD and the HD. They set one of each computer next to each other, selected all the applications at once (except for Front Row and one other, Photo Booth maybe) and then opened all the applications simultaneously. All apps on the SSD MBA were completely open before 1/4 of the HD apps opened. It was insanity!

    I realize that opening all apps at once isn't something you need to do, but it was cool to see a direct comparison between the speeds of the two drives. Definitely try it yourself if you get the chance.
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    You should have had them close all those apps and then run that test again. You'd be amazed at how close they finish. OS X caches stuff like crazy and if they had run that test again, the HD system would have finished pretty close to the SSD model.

    I think appleinsider ran this very comparison a few days ago.

    EDIT: Damn, beat me to it :)
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    I would have like to have seen that.

    Were the processor speeds the same? I thought the standard configs are 1.6GHz HD & 1.8GHz SSD
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    I didn't check, but I have a feeling they weren't.

    People keep talking about "nearly instantaneous" boot for the SSD, but in that apple insider video, it wasn't very fast at all. My Mac Pro 2.8 octo boots in about 20 seconds.

    That would be interesting to see. Thanks for the input, I wouldn't have even thought of that.

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