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Coolbook - a few quick questions

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by will0407, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I've just installed coolbook and fiddled around withe the settings etc, and restarted.

    Do I need to open coolbook every time I restart the MBA?

    Do I need to have the application running all the time, or do I just leave it closed? (i guess if the answer the question 1 is no, then the answer to this is no as well!)

    Finally, is there a way of keeping the icon in the menu bar without having the actualy application open (assuming you don't need it open all the time)? I like seeing what temp it's currently at!

    I've had a quick browse through the 13 page thread, but didn't come across any of this, so if you could help me out quickly that would be appreciated.

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    could you use automator under the applications?

    i nothing about it but its worth a try

    edit: how thick am i? could you not set it as a login item under system preferences (under accounts)?
  3. h1d
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    What are you talking about? You just install it once, it asks you to install a driver, do it and open the application, configure it (I could post my settings if you need it.) and reboot again and all is 'cool' :) You don't have to open the application again anymore, until you want to change the config or check out the current CPU speed/temperature.
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    cheers h1d. I don't remember being asked to install a driver though, i just dragged the app from the dmg into applications then started it.
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    does the coolbook work on MBA Rev B?
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    Coolbook should work with the Rev.B Air. It's great software, I'd highly recommend it.

    As for the OP, coolbook runs a process "CoolBookSwitcher" so having the interface open isn't necessary. If you'd like to see your temps or the frequency you should check out the freeware app iStat Menu or the related iStat widget (for dashboard). The former runs in your menubar, so it's closest to the display of freqs/temps that Coolbook provides.
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    thanks .product. I'll download that.

    Another question- I have my settings as follows, should the fans be noticeable while watching a quicktime move? They seem reasonably loud, which I wouldn't have expected. I'm using the net and messenger a bit at the same time, but nothing major:

    800- 0.9
    1200- 0.9
    1400- 0.9
    1600- 0.95

    600- 0.9
    800- 0.9
    1200- 0.9

    medium throttling level, max temp 75c
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    Your voltage pairs seem good. I wouldn't set a max temperature if you're concerned about fan noise though, as that will increase fan activity.

    The fan spinning up while watching a movie is very normal. Video processing is quite taxing on your system. The first few minutes are generally quiet, but as the temp rises, the fans will spin up to compensate, especially because you have a (relatively) low max temp. set.
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    AFAIK.. Coolbook does not work with Rev. B.

    I am waiting/praying for an update so we can override these crazy overkill throttling issues.


    My prayers seemed to have been answered!

    CoolBook 2.10 released 2008-12-04


    My prayers seemed to have been answered!

    Apples Default Battery Settings..

    798 / 0.9250
    1602 / 1.0000
    1896 / 1.0625
  10. h1d
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    Do you mean, rev B without CoolBook does not make kernel_task go berserk?
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    I installed istat menu and have the temp. status in my menu bar. It's currently reading at 86c!
    The fans are on but the base on the air on the left side isn't particularly hot- Ive definitely felt it hotter. Is istat know to be inaccurate? The next highest temp was heatsink A at 60, then everything else was below 35!
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    after reading your post, i bought yet another license of coolbook for use in my new rev B. the old license that i used with the old air is not working anymore.

    one question is i can;t click B/2. it's deactivated. so i can't change the voltage value for the 798mhz setting. darn. even my old air use 0.9v for the 800mhz. and with the new air, the voltage is higher for the 798mhz setting.
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    can some of you post your settings?

    i am thinking of getting this for both my rev B air and my MBP but id like to see what some of you are running (for the air anyway) before i go messing with things
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    I have everything set at .0925 except 1862 set at .0935. on my Rev. 2

    Everything runs fine. I have had zero lockups. It's well worth $10 and has now been updated to allow you to add the lower clocks!

    798 @ .0925
    931 @ .0925
    1596 @ .0925
    1862 @ .0935

    Battery and Adapter settings
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    how much cooler is the computer temp compared to without coolbook?
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    I use it to defeat the bulit in throttling under OSX. Things like MameOSX would choke because the system was constantly trying to down clock.

    I would estimate that I get about 30 extra minutes and it runs about 5-10 degrees cooler.
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    the new version of coolbook is worthless, i can't set the 0.900 voltage. the minimum it allows is 0.925.
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    anybody use coolbook on the rev B while using smcFanControl and / or iStat Pro? It seems that the temp that coolbook is reading is consistently 10 degrees lower than the reading that iStat and smc are giving me...

    anyone else have this issue?
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    i have a question regarding the 1 mac license policy, is it ok to fresh install my mac? i mean i can just reinstall coolbook and reapply the license anytime?
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    yes, as long as u have the same mac that u use to buy the license. i think it validates based on your mac serial number.
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    I just purchased a macbook air Rev A.

    Can someone please post the most efficient settings for coolbook for me to use?

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    I think that every chip will allow different settings, but it would be great if someone could write a quick how to on setting up coolbook correctly. I'm new to mac and new to this undervolting thing, and I don't want to screw anything up. Thanks.
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    I second that
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    I use the above programs and also noticed the temperature discrepancy...does anyone know why this happens and which reading is the correct one?
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    the readings from smcFanControl and iStatPro appear to be correct

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