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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by proverbs, Jul 2, 2005.

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    i was thinking of getting one of those temperature coolers for my Powerbook. is there one that works particularly good or could i just buy any one on eBay?
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    Capt Underpants

    I have a targus coolpad with 2 fans. It keeps my powerbook very cool, to the point where, even though my PB processor runs at 100%, the powerbook fan isn't always on.
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    Get the iBreeze from MacMice. I have it and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
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    wow...i looked at the prices for both of them, and they are around $45 shipped. is there any difference between these fans besides aesthetics ones?
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    I will give this for the cost of shipping... I don't need it anymore (sold my Powerbook)

    It works great!

    pm me or email me!

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    Capt Underpants

    I paid $20 for mine. I got it off of the clearance table at my local best buy. But, either way, it's worth every penny if it keeps your laptop cool :)
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    Why are you guys trying to keep your laptops cool? Unless you want to put them on your lap (in that case, why not use a thin book?). The powerbook will go to sleep before it gets hot enough to cause damage to itself, so whats the worry? I dont beleive its the fan noise you guys are worried about because you want to put two giant fans under your powerbook. Calm down, everythings fine ;)
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    longer baterry life and general notebook life. the cooler it is the less the fans have to run etc.
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    I use one and wonder what I did before I got it. there are several reasons to have one, to whomever wondered.

    I have this: (Targus coolPad) it works great for a non-fan-driven stand. my (17") powerbook stays quite a bit cooler (I'm sure my fans appreciate that) and I like the position it sits in, makes typing easier.
    I often keep a lot of intense applications running and my poor powerbook heats up pretty fast, this has helped and eases my mind a little. I treat this thing better than I do most people :D so its performace and environment is always on my mind [haha]

    uh, sorry, losing my train of thought...

    yes, they are good and worthwhile. unless your laptop gets really hot rather often, a non-mechanical one might suit you best. less power-drainage, less hassle, less weight, less money (usually)
    you can get a used one so long as they say it's not broken... (that is another reason to have a non mechanical one, what can really happen to them then?)

    go for it... thumbsup from me anyway.
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    That's the key question I have: what is "really hot"? i.e. what's the normal operating temp range?
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    I notice the guys at has alot of different notebook coolers. The one I bought was this one. Notebook Cooler

    It works really good. It has this nice little temperature display that tells me the temp of the notebook as well as the speed settings of the fan.
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    Face it guys, most of you are going to sell and upgrade long before the unit becomes incapable of running what you need. Relax and enjoy them for what they are - highly portable computers designed within wide tolerances to take whatever demands the software pushes on them. If the fan noise bothers you, turn iTunes up. :p
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    I put my Macs on iCurves and I have a clip on fan on the desk to give air flow. This works out every well. It's almost impossible to use coolpad with iCurve together.
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    Have you thought about an Eski?
    They keep everything cool.

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