Coolest avatar used by Mac Rumors members?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Bengt77, Jun 13, 2003.

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    This has probably been done before, but I just wanted to see what everyone's favorite avatar is, currently used by any Mac Rumors member.

    I'd like to take the chance and vote for mmmdreg. Darn, your avatar is cool!

    Any other votes?


    (I could only wish to be at 500 posts. Still some 380 to go...)

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    i always liked mine, but i think its time for a new one, ill have to start thinking. one of the coolest that comes to mind was dukes animated one with nemo and i believe the angelfish.

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    Sun Baked

    Let the complaints roll in.

    I was thinking of using something in bad taste (or is that tastes bad?) ...

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    Re: Let the complaints roll in.

    Please, no. That's just sick and wrong.
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    Well, of course...mine is! Matrix rockz! :D
    But seriously, I like the one Mr. Anderson (or as he was known at the time, dukestreet) had, it was like an x-ray of a person and you could see the lungs and heart moving as he/she breathed, very cool!
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    Sorry for the double post, can't edit in attachments once posted :(

    I did rather like this one I made quite a while back, perfect for a 'tar on a Mac site I thought...

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    Wow, never saw that. But sure sounds cool! Although I like the one he (Mr. Anserson) has right now, too. There are some excellent avatars floating around here at the Mac Rumors Forums.

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    I like scem0's latest one. And Sun Baked - please NOOOOOOOOOO don't make us look at that all the time!
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    one of my favorite avatars belongs to teabgs.[​IMG]
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    Current 'Tars?

    let's see... animated:
    mr. anderson

    medea (i did love the amelie one, though)
    shaddowfax (again, new one's good, but so was the last one)

    lot's of good 'tars here, though...
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    Anybody remember my tadpole?

    Or my massive cat orgy one?

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    I've stated before that I really love trebblekicked' Chaplin tar, so that would be my current animated favorite, the former dukestreet had some great ones in the past though.

    I'm a little biased but I've always liked medea's choice of avatars.
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    My favorite 'tar would have to be Wardofsky's new one.

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    Re: Current 'Tars?

    piss off! ;)

    i think my favorite was the "monk" one i had at some point..... and some of the ones me and rownerd had cooked up for the avatar contest that never happened
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    I like his too. :D

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    thanks for the props. i was going to do the same kind of animation w/ Buster Keaton, Harpo Marx and Fatty Arbuckle if you want one...

    dukestreet's nemo 'tar was amazing. how did he get that under 20k?

    Hot Jello: i have that animated version of yr current 'tar, but it's in .swf. maybe i should reinstall IR on my desktop so as to finish that...

    vniow: (re: cat orgy) that is grosser than gross.:)
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    for old times sake.... i went for a change. heh

    send me the swf if you can trebs...
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    There was a SWF version of the neon green suit one?
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    Re: Let the complaints roll in.

    Personally, I like it, but there are too many sucky babies out there who would complain. I have that video clip, and I think it's hilarious.
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    are you doing these from quicktimes? because I can't fine any quality quicktimes of keaton or chaplin.
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    trebble made one i think... just never got to make it into a gif.... and ignored all my requests to email it to me. hah
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    ....which was ripped off from mine, which I actually modeled!

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    I have a really nice one that's been "on deck" for a looong time. Unfortunately, I'm still 40 posts away.

    Maybe I should start double posting.
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    Re: Current 'Tars?

    say, thanks. we'll have to start a rena fan club, as just about every single one on the web sucks. the only decent one is hosted by geocities with probably like a 50 MB/month bandwidth limitation. i swear, like 3 times i have been browsing and it tells me the site has exceeded its bandwidth limitation for the month.

    i liked my old one better too, i think it did a much better job of expressing that whole depression/blues than this one does of expressing that whole self-satisfied grin--a woman pleased with her beauty. it's an interesting idea, so very dangerous, in many ways. i picked it more because it's different than because i thought it was better :)

    i think one of my all-time favorite's was Jello's of Daniel Day Lewis from Gangs of New York. there was something so classic about the guy dressed up all aristocratic and pointing at you. love the new one though, didn't Rower use that for awhile some time back?

    but i am sticking with that one as my favorite. can you post it in here jello?
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    39 to go.


    (sorry. it was a joke). ;) :D

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