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Copying contents of old user id to new userid

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Dr. Dastardly, Jan 12, 2005.

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    Dr. Dastardly

    So heres the deal. A friend of mine wanted to lock one file (the contents of the file I didn't care to know :rolleyes: ) and thought that that is what file vault is used for. Instead he locked his computer down and really doesn't want a password on it if he's the only user. The only way I know how to get rid of this is to create a new user account and delete the old one.

    I guess my question is

    1) Am I mistaken in thinking you cant turn off the master password to access that particular users account.


    2) What is the easiest way to copy all his files to a new userid.

    I have never done this before but know there are a number of differnet ways. I'm just looking for the easiest and most effeciant. He is mostly concerned about losing his iTunes tracks and star ratings.
    But his school files and settings are important to. :rolleyes:
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Any ideas? Any at all from anyone?
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    you need to read up on it but go to sys pref>accounts>security and at the bottom is "turn file vault off".

    Depending on how many files are encrypted, it may take a while.

    Probably ought to get some better research, I am NOT an IT pro, and rarely take my own recommendations.

    good luck.
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    There is a password reset utility on your Panther Install CD. You boot up from the install disk and at the first screen select the "Installer" menue and the reset password utility is in there. You can use it to reset the password to nothing if you want, just don't enter anything as the new password. Now OS X will still ask you for a password to preform certain tasks, that's just the way it is, you just click "OK" without entering a password though.

    Now be very carfull when messing with File Vault. From what I understand and if I'm wrong someone please correct me, but if you reset the password while
    File Vault is still on you will permantly loose access to all files attached to that account like the things in your home folder, not certain if it's that extream though. So if you do need to reset the password make sure File Vault is off first.
  5. jsw
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    Ummm... I'm sure I'm misreading something here, but why can't he open up Preferences->Accounts->Security and turn off File Vault?

    It doesn't sound like he's forgotten the password.

    Edit: Sorry. somehow missed stubeeef's post which said exactly the same thing. :eek:

    Further edit: BTW, I tried this with a guest account I created for this purpose. Turned on File Vault, then turned it off. Yes, it takes some time for large files, but nothing was lost.
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    Dr. Dastardly

    I tried just trying to turn it off but the password still remains. I did try to research filevault but it seems most of the responses were"DONT TURN IT ON" and "cant turn it off". So I didn't think I was the only one. Maybe I was mistaken and will try to dink around with his computer later tonight.

    Thanks for the responses guys! Really appreciate it. If I still have problems though what would be the best way to recreate his userid. He was complaining about app crashes and such so I'm afraid it may come to that anyway.

    Again thanks guys, this is one of the best tech boards on the internet! ;)
  7. jsw
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    Out of curiosity: do you mean the master password is still on? If so, no worries. Unless FV is enabled for a given user account, the master password means nothing.
  8. jsw
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    I'm not sure why he'd need a new user account. Perhaps, at worst, you could create a new account, then enable root (Applications->Utilities->NetInfo Manager->Security->[Authenticate, then Enable Root User]), log on as root, and, after making copies/archives of his /Users/[hisaccount]/Library/Preferences (and similar folders), copy over the same folders from the new account, then Get Info on the folders and change ownership/permissions to his account name.

    No need to move all his stuff elsewhere.
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    When I read this, I interpreted it as

    You have assigned a password to his login, and he doesn't want that.

    Wouldn't the passwd command in terminal allow you to "reset" it to blank? (i.e. sudo passwd shortname, then hit return twice).

    Aside, you may want to talk to your friend. Passwords are a GOOD thing, without one, anyone with physical access to the machine will be able to do anything including installing software to remotely control it, or keystroke loggers, etc...
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Great responses guys I will try some when I get there (unfortunatly dont have it in front of me now). I have tried and tried again telling him passwords are not a bad idea to have but he is adament he wants it off. And besides it forces me to learn something new. :p

    That sounds like that is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks

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