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Core 2 Duo Mac Mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by edge540, Sep 19, 2006.

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    With the Core 2 duo's now shipping, has anyone with a Mac mini upgraded theirs to the new chips? If I had a core solo, I would greatly consider buying a 2.4Ghz Core 2 duo chip for only 300 dollars. The improvement in performance should greatly be worth that. I remember hearing that it was possible but this was before the chips were officially announced. I was also wondering since the new chips support a faster bus, could this also be changed on the mini, or would they just run with a slower bus?
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    Nope, it is not worth it, you will lose you warranty and you will need to get rid of the old chip. Might as well just sell it and buy another unit when the core2 ones are released, Core 2 is not going to chunk > 50% off the current Minis resale.
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    it is possible to see an increase in performance. as to how much, that's debatable.
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    Well, the improvement over the Core Duo is small... but the improvement over the Core Solo the OP mentioned should be fairly substantial! ;)
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    $300 for a C2D 2.4? Where?

    Wish they were remotely near that here. Over in the UK the only time I've seen them they're double that price.
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    Well, the are $330 over at newegg.com so i would think, a good core solo mine for like $600, add a C2D 2.4 and you have a pretty fast computer for $930.
    Does anyone know what happens to the bus on the mini since the C2D supports FSD of 1066 Mhz and the CD only 667?

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