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Corel Painter X

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by MRU, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. MRU


    :eek: Yipee . I see Corel have a new version of my favorite application out (unfortunelty not in Europe yet).

    Has anyone tried Corel Painter X on the mac yet ?

    What do you think of it ? Is it worth the $220 upgrade from 9.5
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    Haven't used it yet but faster brushes and their new "RealBristle™ painting" sound great. I've always been a big fan of Painter and plan on upgrading very soon.
  3. MRU


    I'm just downloading a 30 day trial now, and hopefully by the end of the 30 day's i'll be able to get the euro version.

    I love the sound of the new brushes. I didnt have too many problems with it on Rosetta, so speed performance will be nice anyway :)

    I'll probably just buy the Edu version again for €99.
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    Painter is unequivicolly *the* most bug ridden professional application on the planet. It is difficult to know what is more impressive, the sheer quantity of bugginess or the stupidity of the actual bugs.

    I got onto the beta program this time instead of continually complaining but I was not able to evaluate it because I could not get it to work, anything I did would make it quit.

    I was surprised to see how quickly they released the 'final' version. I've just downloaded the trial and it took about 1.5 pico seconds to discover the first ludicrous bugs.

    Thankfully Corel have made Colour Management on by default. However they seem to have programmed the 'space bar' to turn it on or off. Er the space bar is also the keyboard shortcut for the 'hand tool', so by pressing the spacebar and dragging, causes the colour management to cycle on and off about 138 times, depending on the length of the drag. Also none of the keyboard controls work.

    At first glance I can see nothing different to painter 9.5 excepts for some minor tweaking. 9.5 should really have been 9.1 and Painter X should really be 9.2

    It is still full of legacy palettes that don't work properly. I would not consider for a moment to buy Painter X, maybe Painter 12 will offer more interest in a few years.
  5. MRU


    ^ that is insane. How on earth did the miss that ?
    Can you re-define a keyboard shortcut to bypass the colour management?
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    The Real Bristle thing sounds cool, but I don't see any real reason to upgrade from IX. Most of the artwork they use to advertise X was painted in older versions anyway.

    Still, it's great to see people supporting Painter, because it's an awesome app.
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    I've been waiting for the new version. Now to gather together my pennies!!!
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    I've sort of worked it out a bit more.

    It starts out with the default keyboard shortcuts all working normally, Cmd B for brush and Cmd P for pen, etc.

    Then when you press the Tab key to hide the palettes, instead of hiding the little icons around the document window, cycle. As you keep pressing Tab, so it goes to Tracing Paper, Grid, Colour Management, Impasto, and so on. When it stops then the Space Bar turns into a toggle stwich that controls whatever the previous step was on. At this point the Keyboard shortcuts don't work.

    Curiously, if you open a new document everything works until you press the Tab Key, if you open a new document before pressing Tab then the keys will work on that document BUT if you have another document open where the Tab was hit then it won't work but the new document will.

    Its as if the Tab Key bug is not just to do with the program and the tab key but it also remembers which document was in use whenever a tab key is pressed. Weird.
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    What is tablet support like?.......Have they messed it up as per usual?
  10. MRU


    mmm a little underwhelmed. peformance wasnt outstanding even though this is universal compared to 9.5 under rosetta.

    new brushes are ok but I'll probably end up using my old favourites anyway.

    I'll get the edu version anyway.
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    I checked up Corel's website on this new Painter. They claim this new version is faster than the previous version. I am not sure if they are comparing the speed based on new Intel Mac on IX versus X. Based on some comments on this thread, it seems the speed for PPC based Mac is almost same as the IX.
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    You couldn't make it work? Did you file any bugs? What were the numbers? Were they verified?
    The beta program lasted I think over six (6) months (Aug? - Feb). I don't think they rushed into it.
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    I fiddled with Painter at uni, got a tablet and ordered a version through them. I don't think I'll be updating to X so fast. I'm happy with this version for the time being.
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    ...I am trying the 30 day trial as well,
    it would be interesting to SEE what the people do with the program,
    there were a lot of comments on bugs...but how is the app actually being used???
    Please post some examples and we can get a better feel for the problems with the app!
    Thank you
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    Painter X

    i also have downloaded the new version to test it. as usual it is far more overwhelming than it needs to be. my first interest was in how well the palettes behaved - at first i was pleased with the pallette docking to the left and that the color swatches window had improved and how the annoying text in the layer names would increasingly become more bold every time i made a brush stroke, had been fixed...

    unfortunately now there are interface bugs where buttons disappear due to a refresh lag. also there are continual spinning beach balls while accessing brushes. i hate to say it but Painter hasn't been the same since version 6. i still use version 7 on my Dual G5. i'm curious if the Windows version works any better, personally i'd have no problem setting up a fastest Windows box just to use Painter 6 again.

  16. MRU


    Well the windows version DOES work better. I downloaded the PC trial too, and the bugs that plague the OSX version, such as the buttons on the layer pallete dissapering, very bad refresh when you go fullscreen with :apple: + M, are not there in windows (or maybe I didnt play around enough in windows to see them) :(

    And I find NO speed increase on an Intel based mac, over the Rosetta 9.5 offering.

    Oh and it does run faster in Windows too which is a bummer. :(

    very dissapointed.
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    Painter X may well run better in Windows I'm not sure I haven't tried it yet, but the big issue for me with using Painter in Windows (which is what I did with version IX.5) is that I can't calibrate Windows to the same standard as OS X and so don't like using it there.
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    I couldn't agree more about the P6 comment. It was the last version where the zoom actually worked reliably. They partially fixed this in newer versions, but it's still not as accurate. Painting zoomed out was gold with version 6. I also despise that moving my image around in a full screen window with the hand tool, leaves lots of redraw artifacts behind. It's like I'm using one of my XP PCs. I don't know why they can't get this right.

    I can't believe you're using P7 though. That was the one upgrade I bought, then put on the shelf. It's absolutely the worst version of Painter to date. Painter 8.1 and later addressed some major issues that were introduced with that abomination. I haven't tried the latest version yet, but was going to buy the upgrade this month. Just wish the upgrade included a can like the old days. :(

    In the past, the Window's versions of Painter were always plagued with bugs and stability issues. They were like Painter 7 for every release. I had to use a PC until version 4 when working for an unamed game company and it was hell. Very unreliable for years and the performance under even version P6 was much slower than the Mac counterparts at that time.

    I'm gratefull for Corel, but they've butchered Painter in the process of making it better. I really like features like the paint mixer and dirty paint. Just give me back the option to draw while zoomed out. For several version this option didn't do crap.

    Anyway, stick with the Mac version, if anything at least upgrade to Painter 9. P7... *vomits* I only rely on PCs for 3D support these days. I can't stand using XP vs OS X.

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    ...neither can i.

    i use it because it works on OsX, and i've got it working successfully for me. by now i've pretty much gotten used to the quirks and for the most part it is simple to use. the grabber tool artifacts have been a problem since P7. i don't know why that is the case since the navigation tool located at the bottom of the canvas window allows the same movement around the canvas as you get in PS and it doesn't have artifacts either.

    ...but since reading your replies, i thought of launching P 9.5. once i get the brushes down to a reasonable set that i like to use i think i'll give it another shot. it does handle larger file sizes better.

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    9.5 works pretty good for the most part. I've encountered a memory leak with some of the artist oil brushes, unless it's my ram that's bad. After about an hour of using these brushes, Painter will get unusually slow. Restarting always fixes it, or just not using these brushes will prevent it. I don't recall which particular brushe(s) caused it, since I've been in interactive mode for almost a year now, so not much illustration work as of late.

    I bought P7 just for OS X and just ended up relying on PS7 as a crutch at the time. The P7 situation combined with no tilt support for my Wacom back then, had me making a few phone calls trying to get a resolve.

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    er, no I didn't file any bug reports because the program was so buggy that I was unable to keep it running long enough to document anything. So I thought I'd wait a few months for it to be a little more stable. But then it was suddenly all over.
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    For a piddling $500, they have a limited version with the can :p
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    But no can for the upgrade. I miss the new can smell. :(

    I still have my ancient copy of Sketcher some place, it came in a sketch box.

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    I have been reading some tutorial books on Painter IX. They recommend you save the file in tiff or psd file along with the native riff painter file. That is to prevent the possible file corruption in the painter native file. With a back up in tiff or psd, the file can be still opened in Photoshop. I hope this newer version put that process to the rest.
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    The only point in saving in Riff native format is to continue with certain effects (like impasto for exaample) that are only available in Painter, which will always be the case.

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