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iPad mini Corners of ipad mini cases

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by tl01, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Why are all the corners of the folio style ipad mini cases exposed? I really wish I could find a decent case with the entire sides including the corners protected.

    Is there some benefit to exposed corners?
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    Easier to take out the iPad?
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    Actually.. The first doesn't fit the bill.. Doesn't cover the whole side and corner... I have looked at every single one on amazon. I want one like the yoobao for the regular iPad... Or hard candy convertible.. But $50 is too much to spend for a case for a kid.


    I'm thinking more of the leather folio style.. Where the corners wouldn't affect taking it out...
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    Understood. If you cover all the sides you cannot access the controls and ports without removing the case. If that's your thing, you might as well get a sleeve so it's easier to get on/off to access ports and controls.
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    No... I'm thinking of cases like the original iPad 1 case. I have owned like 5 iPads through the years... And about 10 cases... I know what I'm looking for. I understand we need cut outs for ports... But the length of the side and corner can otherwise be protected. So many cases have the sides protects but the corners open... Which then get bumped in a bag... Or if dropped...
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    Decent - check
    Folio - check
    All sides - check
    Corners - check
    Access to all buttons and ports - check
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