could apple ever be a monopoly??!?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by realityisterror, Jun 7, 2004.

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    as more and more people switch everyday, it is somewhat certain (i'm hopeful :D) that eventually apple will hold the majority of marketshare in the computer industry... i was pondering the fact that if this does happen (and it will) apple will be considered a "monopoly" by the few windows zealots that remain...

    not only, like microsoft, will apple make the os for the majority of computers, but it is certain that apple will probably make the computers themselves...

    this could present a problem in the future when apple does hold the majority of the marketshare, and i just wanted to share my ideas with you all...

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    Will never happen.

    Apple doesn't have a low budget computer.
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    The day Apple hold a monopoly on the PC market is when Hell Freezes over again, I honestly don't see how Apple can create a 50% or over markets share for themselves, Apple has a hard enough time holding onto 5%. The day this may happen is when Apple cuts the price for every Mac by $400. Besides as much as we dream of the end of M$ we really don't want to see Apple take over the world, because then we would no longer be the cool Mac cult that we are. 20% would be a nice healthy number some day.
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    i guess i was being a bit optimistic, but i think apple is gaining lots of users... but maybe not as fast as windows is gaining users...

    and i also think that if greater numbers of people were to start buying macs and using apple products/software, apple could afford to lower prices... maybe?

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    Apple already is a monopoly.

    It is the only company manufacturing a computer that runs OS X. :D
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    Apple has already has a monopoly with the ipod. Considering computers I believe they can. MS will have their downfall and hopefully apple can capitalize and take ms market share. Anything is possible, apple is gaining in sales in the Mac.
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    I don't necessarily want Apple to gain over 50% of the market share. Then things like viruses will start being designed for OS X (if it's still X). I just want Windows users to gain a little more respect for a superior company. They're so close-minded - to them, Macs suck and that's it. They're completely unwilling to try - *sigh*.

    However, I do think that Apple is moving in the right direction with their products. Like making the iPod, iTunes and now Airport Express, Windows compatible. This gets Apple known and makes people think "hey, I love my iPod, why don't I try one of Apple's computers - oh wait, they only have one mouse button" :D :D (sorry, couldn't help myself!).

    Long live Apple!

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    Its mostly a price/performance kind of thing.
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    Apple provides the OS only for the computers that it manufactures. Even if Apple had 95% of the market, it would be on solid legal ground. On the other hand, Microsoft leverages its monopoly power to limit the choice of operating systems for computers made by others. This is one of the things that makes Microsoft an illegal monopoly.

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