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Could I ask a favor?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by bmer89, Feb 19, 2008.

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    I'm not sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong spot, I apologize. It is graphic oriented though.

    I just downloaded Seashore to edit a picture. The problem is the picture is in .tga format, which Seashore doesn't support. It needs to be in .tga or.png or it will not work. The favor I'd like to ask of one willing person is to convert it for me. Unless someone knows of a better program that's free. It needs to handle layers and stuff. Similar to Fireworks or Photoshop.

    If you could do this for me, it would help a lot. Just shoot me a personal message. Thanks
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    You said its in .tga, and needs to be in .tga...one of those isn't correct. Which one and I might be able to help.
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    Try GIMP. It's like Photoshop.
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    It is in ,tga, and it needs to be in .png so I can edit it. The image initially needs to be in either of these formats. If anyone is familiar with NoLimits Coaster Simulation, this will be a car texture. NoLimits takes the image and cuts it up in specified parts, and glues them to different parts of the coaster train. For this to work, the image needs to be in .tga or .png. Sorry I didn't specify, but does t his help?

    Gimp requires X11, Seashore is based on Gimp, and doesn't require X11. I don't have X11.
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    I second GIMP. For Free it can't be beat.
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    Ok, someone has converted it for me, and I have come up with another issue. Not with the image, but with the program Seashore. It won't let me resize something I copy/paste; you know, click on the corner and drag kinda stuff. I've looked around in there and haven't come up with a solution.

    Could I borrow $300 so I can buy Fireworks?
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    Try GIMP
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    As previously stated, I don't have GIMP because it requires X11, which I don't have. And I have finally figured out how to resize. Thanks anyways!
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    x11 is on the mac os x install disc.
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    Jim Campbell

    GraphicConvertor is fully functional whether you pay the shareware fee or not and (as mentioned on a previous thread) has a bit of an outdated interface, but offers a solid set of basic image manipulation tools and handles something stupid like 88 different bitmap graphic formats.


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    I don't understand what X11 does, and I don't know what it will do when I install it. I've been searching for some information, but can't find what I want. If anyone could give me some insight on X11, you would rock. Thanks!

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