Could I find a MacBook for $400?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Mr. RPG, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I need a Mac so I can develop for the iOS market, (already have an iPhone 5), but I need a cheap Mac.

    Can I find a MacBook for $400?
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    yup - hunt on eBay and CL
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    Is it possible to get a relatively new Macbook? Like from 2011?
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    Maybe if its "hot"
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    What do you mean by "Hot"?
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    5 finger discount - AKA stolen
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    Should I just begin developing for Android?

    I don't have the kind of money to shell out that sort of money for a Mac.. but an Android tablet shouldn't be too expensive.
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    What is your goal? Why are you doing this in the first place?

    Are you developing an app for fun? A personal learning experience? For a college class? To expand your professional skill set?
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    For a personal learning experience and for some money.

    I could always use the money I make off the Android app for the iOS store anyway, right?
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    How much time and money are you willing to invest in each of those? The money appears to be the primary limiting factor at this time, so how much time are you willing to invest to make the money?

    I don't understand the question. You seem to be asking about how you can spend your profits.

    There are no restrictions on where you spend money made from an Android app. The iOS store doesn't care where you get your money.
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    Making money from developing either Android or IOS apps is not easy. There are already a gazillion apps for mobile and you would not only have to develop a really good app, but sell it to enough people to make it worth it. Don't forget that you're not going to be able to sell the apps for a lot of money each and that's if you even sell any.
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    You can find some on eBay or CraigList :)
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    Would it be easier to just Virtual Machine Mac OS X on my PC by buying the Snow Leopard $19.99 OS DVD from Apple's Store

    Is this against Apple's terms or whatever?
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    You can't install OS X on PC's, and if you do manage it, it won't be the latest XCODE. (It will develop apps for iOS 4 or 5.).
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    Why not just load up mac app store and get the latest xcode then?
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    I just sold my 2008 white macbook for $500. So a 2011 for $400 will be virtually impossible, Macs hold their value extremely well
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    Actually, you can run OS X 10.6.8 Server in Virtual Machine, as permitted by the EULA. Of course, you can Hackintosh, but that is a whole different story.
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    A smart buyer should be able to do better than that. Used Macs hold their value below a certain amount. Once you get below $900 or so, the dropoff is sometimes much slower, as you're no longer in a price range where Apple offers refurbished or lower end models. If you're talking about the 15" machines, it becomes an issue of whether a new lower end machine outpaces the more expensive one from a generation or two back. I'd say you did much better than the buyer on that sale.
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    Is either method inexpensive and permitted by the EULA?

    I just want an inexpensive way to develop for the iOS market.

    Like I said, I have an iPhone and ways to develop for it, but I do not have the Mac needed.. and while I love the Mac operating system, the hardware itself is over expensive ************.
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    As I stated, it is permitted to run 10.6 Server in a Virtual Machine. However, it isn't cheap, as you have to buy a licence to Snow Leopard Server.
    Hackintoshing is sort of a gray area, but you typically have to build your own computers, and it has many limitations.
  21. Mr. RPG, Dec 23, 2012
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    So the only thing I can do is buy a Mac?

    So expensive... :(

    What would you guys suggest?
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    The latest Xcode versions require Lion/Mountain Lion.
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    Even if you manage to get a cheap Mac, realize that you must be a registered iPhone developer in order to put apps on devices as well as the App Store. That's $99 per year. If you are concerned about the $400 for the Mac, then I bet the extra $99 will blow your budget.
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    Check Newegg, they had the White MacBook for $450. Core2Duo powered.
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    Not at all, because it lasts an entire year.. And it pays for all of your downloads and everything else.

    The $99 annual fee doesn't really concern me.

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