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Could my router firmware or bios be infected?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Lester52, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Is it possible that my router firmware or bios could be infected? If I do a hard reset where I push the tiny button in would this wipe anything bad off that could be on there?
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    What router do you have?

    And do you have a PC, or why are you talking about BIOS?

    And why do you think they are infected?
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    Is your router password protected?
    Is that password sufficiently long?

    I have more than 20 characters for my router and wireless LAN passwords, which should be more than sufficient to protect myself. I also have Mac OS X on my computers, with a Firewall, so I am protected. But if one really wants to get inside, and has the resources and time, one could succeed in penetrating my security, but to what point?

    Do you suspect to be infiltrated?

    And you haven't answered my questions regarding what router and computer you use, as you mentioned the BIOS, which is not existing on Apple computers.
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    I'm sorry for not answering your questions before. The router is a 2wire and while I do have PCs I haven't had the one PC I used on the internet connected to the router for months.

    I'm very scared of that website I linked you to. I don't know if it can be trusted or not.
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    Do you suspect to be infiltrated or your security being compromised?

    If you have taken all the steps to countermeasure the points the narrator in that first video told you about insecurities, then it is quite fair to say, you are safe.

    No need to be overly anxious about it. Unless you suspect infiltration and have data that could compromise the company or country you work for, which could make you a target, but I assume, that is not the case.
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    I have no evidence that anything has happened or will, but since the bad incident on windows which made me switch to Mac I've been paranoid about security issues. I also sometimes feel naked on the Mac since they don't require as much messing with as windows does.

    Can you verify if SecurityTube is a safe website, and if http://securitytube.net/Router-Hacking-Part-1-(The-Basics)-video.aspx is safe to go to?
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    The video is hosted from vimeo.com which is a trusted site -- perhaps not as popular as YouTube but of similar calibre. It's just a guy reading some PowerPoint slides.

    Don't worry, there's nothing risky here.

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