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Could Someone help me convert something?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by blueflame, Oct 5, 2006.

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    I have a logo I made in photoshop, can someone put it into illustrator so that it can be blown up to about 4 feet across? If you think you could help, would you PM me for the file? Oh by the way, it is a 2 color file.
    Thanks everyone in advance

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    Doesn't photoshop use dots whereas photoshop says put a green dot here, yellow dot there etc. While you would need to use vectors to blow it up to the size you want?
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    first of all, never...i repeat never....create a logo in photoshop.

    now, if you want some help (and quick) I'd suggest you to post the image here to get an idea of what you got.
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    i second that. also make sure you're using CMYK, not RGB... and at least 300DPI, but check with your printer for exact specs.
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    The OP said it's a two-colour job. We may be looking at a 2 channel PSD, EPS or DCS here. If we're lucky.

    Agree with vectormasked; post your work so that others can see what you've done because this might not be as straightforward as you may think.
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    I added the picture up top. thank you everynoe for your responses
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    there isnt really a way to "convert" a raster image to a vector image as far as i know (short of just re-drawing it in vector).

    i guess you could use live trace in PS, but its gonna take some fiddling with to get perfect lines, and even then, it wont be 100% exact.
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    "Where's the money lebowski!" illustrator is so differnt from photoshop, I am having a hard time doing it. I cant get sloid shapes, and cant seem to resize either.
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    do waste your time with live trace on this... live trace only works well when your dont have to be exact.

    It's really easy to just make it again, just drag that puppy into illustrator, and trace by hand with the pen tool. You can do it in under 30min, I am sure.
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    It's really about a 3 minute job to trace it manually, but to be honest there's no point because it looks crap. The palm tree leaves need to look more like er... stylised palm tree leaves.

    EDIT: here's a good image to base a trace on...

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    I do not think it looks like crap. It may not be your style, but that is a very viable palm tree for something like a stamp, or business card.
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    Hmmm, I'm not so sure about that. I would think that the smaller you go the more you need to distil the essence of the shape. I looked at a lot of palm tree images in google and even the most cartoon like and simplified to not have the shapes you are using. In fact if it weren't for the suggestion of the moon and the trunks there would be no way that anyone would think 'palm trees'.

    Here is a sample I drew from the image above. You could make them even simpler, draw a bunch of fronds and move them around. You could probably get it to look very similar to your original layout but I think you need to do away with the symmetrical pointy shapes.
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    The stylised palm trees in blueflame's original logo suit the chunky typeface, in my opinion, and I would say they're very much recognisable as palm trees. Saying that they wouldn't resemble palm trees without the trunks or the moon is like saying you wouldn't recognise a cherry on top of a cake without the cake — it's the whole image that counts, and I instantly thought "palm trees".

    Anyway, I'm fairly sure that blueflame came here to get help with resizing his logo, rather than to be told it looks like "crap". I think your best bet, blueflame, is to retrace it in Illustrator — a white rounded square, a blue rounded square on top, a white rectangle (for the stripe) and a white circle, trace the trees with the pen tool (the only fiddly part) and then type the text over the top.
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    I didn't mean to be harsh, it was just an honest opinion. It came about because I decided to draw it in illy and send it as it only takes a couple of minutes but as I was tracing it I realised that the shapes are exceedingly strange. It just looked wrong. I think it can still be done in a very similar way to the original but there needs to be a bit more sympathy to the palm shape. Like the trunk, it has that classic bend in it for example.
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    EDIT: damn, I quoted my post instead of editing.

    EDIT: Added zip file, close to original with a bit of tweaking.
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    Hey, I really appreciate both of your opinions. I did feel that yours dogbone was a bit harsh at first, but At the smae time, i expected posting here to equate to some critisism, and as lonmg as it doesnt get personal, I think its great. you can always learn right?
    Anyway, I will download, and see what you did... thank you!
    EDIT: it looks very nice, I think i may make the trunks a bit thicker, and I have to add the writing, but I think your rounded out version smooth it out a bit. Thank you.

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