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Could someone please show me the power cord? (the end of it=

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by henrikrox, Oct 2, 2010.

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    So im getting a apple tv, i live in norway, but before i buy it, i like to see the end of the power cord, if its like the ipad one, i can just change it.

    would help me out alot
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    Well i was talking about the other end, if there is something that is detachable if you know what i mean, like the i pad wall charger.

    on that picture i only see what goes into the ipad, i kinda want to see what goes into the wall socket.

    nvm i just found it doesnt got any detachable, hopefully it wont be much of a hassle to find a power cord like that over here
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    kk, i got a spare


    hopefully i can use that
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    This is the sort of lead you'll need:-

    Power Lead

    Or if you're buying from the US you could just use the US lead and an adaptor:-


    Both of these items should be readily availiable from an electrical appliance shop in Norway.

    Posted too late:( But yep thats the one.

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