Could this be the next iMac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by tacojohn, Dec 23, 2002.

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    Sun Baked

    Would that be would be the Frisbee Mac?

    Or the next incarnation of the McTablet?
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    #3 couldn't...:rolleyes:
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    Could be, for a unfortuante sould who breaks their iMac :)
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    No. It won't. Trust me.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Interesting concept, but you'd still have to power the screen - there won't be any power beaming. So I'd be camping with the 'No' group on this one.

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    I agree with everyone else. I give it a "NO" or "No, I hope not"

    That would be so bad if you lost your monitor.... It's not like you could by a different monitor for it.... And we already know how high of a price you pay for Apple products
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    Laptops, cell phones, calculators, cameras, ipods all seem to get on just fine without 'power beaming' right? :confused:

    Not that I wouldn't be 1st in line to get one (*if* the price were right) but I have a feeling we've got some more time for the prices to drop before it makes it to an iMac.

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    no 'tesla power beaming' necessary

    the monitor would be powered with built in battery- jjust like in the powerbooks- that recharges when you hang it back on the cradle. simple.

    but I seriously doubt this would become a feature!
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    I always thought it would be cool if apple dumped the screen on the imac and just sold the base. throw an adc port on the back or something. I always thought that would be really cool, dont know if it would be feasible or not but interesting.

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    Now that would be very cool. Have the base on the desk next to a 23" Cinema HD. I'd buy one, even though I just bought two new 17" iMacs.
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    Wasn't that the Cube in the first place....
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    Yeah, it was just a thought. i know it would be stupid to make, but yet very cool. just like the cube, a terrible computer for the average person but such a cool and neat computer.

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    It could very well be the new iPad? Hmmm interesting concept though.
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    [memory lane]

    My first post here was attacking people who kept discussing this possibility. Everyone (but me) seemed to think this was a good idea at the time. I think, even if you could solve the power issue, the main problem would be this: people would want to take the screen with them, in the car, etc etc... So for consumers to really accept this, it would have to either be two computers in one, or a base for simple physical connectivity. But then, why not just get an iBook? then you'd have a keyboard input. And an optical drive, and ports, the list goes on.

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    Sun Baked

    Stop calling it an iPad...

    iPad sounds like one of those feminine hygiene products that men hate to buy.
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    The first thing I thought when I saw the iMac was that it would be cool to be able to swing the monitor around 90º so it would be a portrait display. I'd much rather have that feature implemented before a Microsoft-like Tablet PC type junk machine. Seriously, I see no use for that other than seeing movies (which is always going to be better on TVs).

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    Hm, the base reminds me of an updated iBrator.

    ...sorry, my mind went straight to the gutter with that one... :D
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    Actually, it's the new iScream. And my girlfriend would love to see it happen, but thinks the development of a product like this would be a long time in coming...

    ...which is also why she would like to see it happen.
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    Apple has done a great job with perfecting thier batteries. Maybe the LCD Display has a Lithium Ion battery to power it while it is off the iMac and then charges when you attach it back on.

    I think the detachable LCD is a great idea. But I do have my doubts if the cost build it is low enough to have a iMac price tag under $2k.
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    Ok, this is off topic, but they do have something like that.

    On topic... no way on the idea of a detachable screen that beams info to and from the base. Sure, it could be done, and in fact, is being done now. It's called a powerbook/ibook combined with an airport.

    I can't come up with any reason to make a computer like that.
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    hate to buy? or DO NOT buy?

    What do You use it for Sun Baked?


    Merry Christmas.
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    i like the idea

    at first, being a network techie, i was apprehensive about wireless since i thought it would take away a lot of the jobs in the newtworking sector

    but as slow as things have moved for the last ten years, i don't think there is a big fear of that right now

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