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Could we pay and pick up later ?? It was not our fault : ) !!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by igmolinav, Dec 15, 2011.

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    A large retailer in my area offered a discount and a credit option to twelve months, perhaps a bit longer, to get a Mac computer, including the 11" MBA. (By the way, that promotion repeats itself quite often. It is going on again at the moment)

    My brother went on to buy an 11" MBA two months ago when the aforementioned promo was at this store, (we are omitting this store's name). The reason to purchase the computer is that he was going to be an exchange student abroad for almost a year and he didn't want to go without it. He paid the first installment for the computer at the store. However, when the salesman returned to him to give him the computer, he said it was sold out. The salesman said that within a week the 11" MBA would be restocked. A week passed by and there were no MBAs in the store.

    My brother went away. He asked some of the other classmates also going abroad a bit later to bring it to him. However, without any chance, the other classmates went away about a week to ten days later and the computer was not available in the store! A week after the second installment, a call was received at home, (nine weeks from first payment now!). The store said the MBAs were in stock. After the call, my mother went to pick up the 11" MBA to the store. It is three weeks, or perhaps a month since the unopened 11" MBA sits at home. My brother may not be back for seven to nine more months.

    We have a question. My brother would like to give back the computer to the store. My brother is happy to continue paying for it. When he gets back, in June or before, he would like to go to the store and pick up the same computer model. If there is any price difference, he would be happy to pay for it. At this time, to ship the computer to him would cost not only shipping, but perhaps paying taxes as soon as it arrives in the foreign land where he now lives.

    Is it ok to take the computer back, to continue paying for it, and at my brother's comeback to go and pick up the same computer model from the store ??

    Thank you in advance, kind regards,

    igmolinav : ) !!!
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    I'd ask for a refund. Why pay for something you can't have in advance? It's not like your brother has preordered an exclusive limited edition model or something.

    And it sounds like it's financed some how, so odds are your brother is paying interest on this as well? I'd get my money immediately.
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    I am utterly baffled. Why would your brother want to pay for something that he hasn't got? and as ^^ pointed out I bet he is paying interest. ASk mother to take it back and request a refund.
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    Thank you for your answers : ) !!!

    "Apparently", he is not paying interest. I don't know for sure.

    We'll try to take the computer back to the store. Hopefully,
    they'll understand that the computer arrived a tad too late
    for my brother to keep at this moment.

    Kind regards,

    igmolinav : ) !!!
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    good move old chap. I hope it works out, keep us posted.

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