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Could You Replace The 360 HDD With Another One?

Discussion in 'Games' started by SamIchi, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Buy another internal and replace the existing one?
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    Strangely enough I was thinking about that the other day, had a wee scoot about but didn't find anything.
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    Yes but the system will only see 20gigs. :(

    Maybe once the 120s come out, someone will figure how those allocate more and we can replace ours and have it use more.
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    Doesn't MS sell larger HDs though? Or I heard they would.

    I read last night that MS is closed with what hardware they allow, and that companies who want to make peripherals have to license it and stuff. I think that's a little crummy. :(

    I still will have to buy one for Trusty Bell though. :mad:
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    Maybe the 360 will have an update or sumthin'. I'm not paying 200 bucks for an 120gb hd. Not that I even need 120gb's but it would be nice to know I could change it myself if I wanted.
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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat.
    I figure either there will be a system update the registers drives larger than 20gig or there will be something onboard chip-like in the 360 Elite HD case that allows the system to see the larger HD size.

    I'm hoping for the former because that means 20g HD owners could swap out the drive with another 2.5" SATA and get a boost. I think it'll probably happen...if nothing else we'll at least find out how/why when one of the scene groups gets ahold of an Elite 360 and dissects it. :)
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    You don't need an Elite to have the 120gig hard drive, they are going to sell it separately for $180 for everyone else. Obviously, that means that all 360's out now will be able to use them. I assume it will be part of a systme update in the coming weeks before they shipped the drive.
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    I know the upgrade is available but if I can swap out the 20g drive I have now (as in physically taking the drive case apart, remove the 20g 2.5" SATA drive, putting in a larger drive, putting the case back together and reattaching it to the 360) and it will work I would rather do that (which is what SamIchi is also saying).

    2.5" SATA 120g drives can be bought for around $80 on NewEgg.

    The question that will remain until someone dissects an Elite 360 is: is there a system update to allow larger than 20g hard drives, or will there be a new chip on the logic controller in the 120g hard drive case that tells the 360 to use the larger space (therefore meaning that you couldn't just swap a larger drive in the 20g drive case).

    That's the question we're wondering. :)
    Whether the larger size allocation will come in the form of a software (system) update, or will it be tied to hardware (like a different controller chip in the 120g HD case itself).
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    From the official announcement of the Xbox 360 Elite:

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    ONCE AGAIN we were talking about swapping out the drive inside of the drive's housing assembly.

    IE hacking current drives and replacing them with a larger HD. :)

    We ARE NOT talking about buying an official 120gig HD. :rolleyes: :p
    $180 for a 120gig HD is absurd.
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    doesn't it have a proprietary power connector liek xbox?

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