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Countdown to the 5th Test

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by jimN, Sep 5, 2005.

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    Not long til Thursday and the start of the fifth and final ashes test. Australia must win to draw the series and take the ashes home. A draw would suit england, never have I given so much thought to praying - 5 days of rain isn't unheard of! I just can't help but feel that given the chance England will totally screw this up - all over in 3 days anyone?
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    I have to say now we have become favorite to win I am afraid we'll blow it..... but I am going to go with my heart and say we'll do it real way and beat the Aussies inside 5-days....... Come on Freddie!

    The whole series has been great..... good to see the return of cricket to the back pages.

    ...... secretly praying for rain ;-)
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    This series has seen some amazing firsts-in-a-long-time....

    - Aussies on the back foot.
    - Bowlers batting well, batsmen batting like bowlers
    - Aussies praying for rain.
    - Whole tests concluding without rain.

    It's gonna be a fantastic game if the rain stays away, the Poms deserve this series but it's gonna be good to see if they choke or not - that last test was mighty close....

    I'd like to see our bowlers do their bloody jobs and take 20 wickets and our batsmen not totally stuff up - would be good to see top order bats making big scores, not lower end bowlers forced to carry the whole game.

    Hey Ricky, how 'bout some attack?
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    Some of the performances from Lee and Warne with Bat and Ball have been fantastic, I have to say that all round Lee has been my Aussie player of the series...... don't get me wrong Warnes bowling has been amazing but there is something about seeing Lee crack sixes with the bat and then smash Freddies stumps with a +90mph delivery that is a joy to watch.

    really looking forward to Thursday!
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    Evidently not an englishman then. Have to admit i liked seeing warne kick his own wicket (?in the 2nd test). He may be a great cricketer but i get the impression he's not a popular guy - that moment was sweet.
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    Actually I am! There have obviously been many a sweet sight for us this summing including the tubbyone knocking over his own stumps..... laugh I almost sh*t myself. Although Ponting throwing a hissey fit after been run out by the sub was my funniest moment..... wonder if he's found all his toys yet????

    Do we know if Jones is fit yet? He's been awesome this summer.

    My Pro-Aussie post above was just a nod of respect towards Lee.....

    Just gutted I have to listen to the radio and not watch it as I am work....... mind you listening to Blowers is always a laugh.....
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    Of course we will... it's a national sporting past time, just look at our football team.
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    The weather is forecast to be sunny.

    Maybe we should get everyone in London to do a rain dance :D
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    WOW! It's working already. In the time it took me to post that last message, the BBC website forecast for London changed from "sunny intervals" to "Heavy rain showers"!!
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    There something about cricket on the radio, difficult to put my finger on. Sadly due to the squad rotation system as work at radio 4 (i kid you not) blowers will not be offering his words on wisdom in the final test. Obviously the new stand at the oval would have made remarks about the traffic tougher but the man doesn't so much commentate asspeak poetry and he's livened up many a summer for me.
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    Naaah - the worst thing is that this is going to be Richie Benauds last Test -all England games are going to sky after this and he doesn't want to do PPV - the man's a legend.
    In some ways I want the Aussies to win - I mean if they can't beat us at cricket what can they do ;) . You have to feel sympathy for them :rolleyes:
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    i appreciate that you are just trying to bait people but the answer to the question, 'what else can they do?' is beat us at every other sport known to man inc football and i expect rugby given the form of the lions side.
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    Yes indeed, they have beaten us at Footy even though they are supposed to be much worse than us looking at the rankings...... we certainly look like we've had our day in the Egg Chasing and look at their Swimming, Tennis and god-knows-what-else sports stars...... we seriously need to beat them in the Ashes to get some credibility and maybe start a trend!

    It's looking like Simon Jones might be fit after all, if not there is a rumour that Collingwood will play...... that sound a bit defensive to anyone else? I think we need to go out there and try and blow them off the park like we have done in previous first innings..... then try and do the business in the second.

    Forecast for rain on Friday pm...... I think this will go the 5 days!
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    Naaaah! Look at the recent Tri-nations result (final standings) ... NZ 15, SA 13, Australia .......... 3. I reckon the Lions would give the Wallabies a fright.

    I'm looking forward to the 5th Test & (like others here) hoping that England keeps focused - don't want to see a repeat of that last innings :eek:
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    Looks like Jones is out!!!!

    Could make things interesting!
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    Jaffa Cake

    As the Northern Irish proved last night, that's not entirely difficult...
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    I would add my two cents, but I frankly haven't a clue what you Brits (mostly) are talking about. :eek: :p ;)
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    Stpuid english weather forcing us of the field :p

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