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    Small family business where everyone runs OS X, about a half-dozen machines total. We decided to set up OS X Server so we could centralize resources like contacts and calendars, as well as to keep files everyone is working with. I've got a background dealing with web hosting, so I thought I would more or less know what I'm doing, but now that I've got it set up, I'm about a foot over my head. Got a couple questions to help me get my bearings; any help is appreciated!

    Big starting issue here: Since turning on Server, it seems that every folder on my machine down to /Users has become a shared folder. Is there a simple way to restrict this to specific folders on the computer?

    Setting up a VPN at server.[insert name].private, and I've been able to access it from the server itself and a Leopard box on the network, but an Air running ML that was also on the same network returned an error that stated the server didn't exist. What should I look at to try and fix the visibility issue?

    Thanks for the help!
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    You need to set up and create your User & Group name and give then access to the share folders, this will fix your problems...

    Also some good information to read is:

    also on apple server video... its an excellent learning tools.

    you should get a proper Domain name so you can post your website, setup DNS and have proper VPN... using local name is very limited

    Hope this can help
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    The way I got my feet wet with Lion Server and transitioned to ML Server was to go to YouTube and checkout videos by a guy named Todd Olthoff.

    His videos cover every service of Server and they run about 10 to 15 minutes each. They are AWESOME.

    I would recommend starting your Server from scratch and go along with him in setting it up.

    If you have any other questions, simply ask. Good luck!

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