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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Chocolatemilty, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Tonight my mother was using my iPad mini for a recipe and a salt shaker fell about a foot out of the cabinet and onto the side of the mini. I was JUST talking to a friend merely minutes ago about getting insurance for my mini soon since I don't have AppleCare+ (didn't have $100 when I ordered it, really don't have it now), so merely the regular warranty is on it. What a crazy turn of events there.

    Has anyone had any luck with a Genius replacing a cracked screen? I don't know whether they'd even believe me, as it is definitely the truth, though. I don't know if I can even try to take out insurance and get it replaced that way.

    Ugh, this sucks so bad. I wasn't even using it and it's broken.

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    Sorry about the damage. I suggest making an appointment with the Genius people at your local Apple store. Just be honest, remorseful and tell them what happened. Some get lucky, some don't. It really depends on the day. It doesn't hurt to try.

    Look on the bright side, it's still usable. Worst case scenario is paying $219.
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    Ok, I will try that. I have seen in a search on other threads that some folks did get a courtesy replacement, so I'll try that. If I'm granted one , I'm not taking it out of the replacement box until I get a case. I had the Smart Cover and sent it back since it did virtually nothing. Prolly wouldn't have helped here, as propping it up may have had it break anyway.

    Does anyone know if Worth Ave Group has a stipulation of purchase date on their policies? If not, I could take out a policy, wait a while since its still usable, and use a deductible later. Thanks.
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    Call applecare tomorrow 1-800-275-2273. And ask to get the applecare+ for the ipad. I got it a few days ago and I didn't have to go in for a Genius appt.
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    Doesn't look too bad..looks more on the bezel. In case you can't get it fixed anytime soon, try a skin to cover it.
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    Does the screen have any cracks over it? If it's only that top part there's no way I would pay $219 to fix it.
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    It's just the top bezel and not over the camera, thank the Lord. If Apple says no, I won't pay $219 for a replacement. If AppleCare+ is still a go, I'd go that route since it'll be $149+ for a replacement. The problem lies with me being tapped out after Christmas gifts and bills for at least two weeks, so since this is a release day mini and after the 30 days, will Apple support still allow me to add it then?


    This is a good idea. If I can be assured that it won't spread to the screen, a skin could work, although I do love the clean, white look.
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    I cracked my screen on a corner of my ipad ..just the bezel. A lesson learned the hard way going naked with the pad. :rolleyes: Found a cheap white carbon skin on eBay and it works quite well. I also bought a screen protector to put under it. Its been almost 2 months Never notice the difference. IMO it's worth giving it a go.
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    Wow, I just did a search and found one that looks great. I'll search ebay for a cheaper one, but at least I now know what it looks like. I actually like it. Thanks for this! I'll add this to the options if I'm denied a replacement by Apple.
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    Good deal. :cool: Hope all works out well!
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    Bummers on the crack - I think the glass on the mini is much thinner then its bigger brothers and this risk is higher.

    Keep this thread updated on your attempt at repairing the mini.
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    If I was using someone's mini in my kitchen and the same thing occurred, I would offer to pay for the repair since it was my responsibility to make sure the device was placed in a safe area.
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    My mini screen shattered from a two or three foot drop. Its VERY thin. And it was in a leather case. I had applecare plus so it cost another $50. But i then returned the replacement and cancelled my applecare plus so it cost me $50 to experiment with the mini. I just got another one for free from credit card points.

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    If you bought it with a credit card, check to see if there's any insurance from that.

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    Time to get some clear packaging tape and make a quick repair.
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    Sorry about the damage, OP. Try contacting Apple Care, and see what they say... As many here have mentioned, thankfully the crack is only on the bezel and won't hinder your iPads function ability in any sort of major way.

    You should definitely consider getting a folio case for your iPad mini. I have one on my iPad, and it has literally never come off of it since I purchased my iPad.

    Look into the "Incase book jacket revolution" folio case for the iPad mini. If you need me to provide you a link to it, don't hesitate to ask.
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    Personally hope the genius doesn't swap it - it's accidental damage and therefore not apple's responsibility surely ?
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    Why not? While I agree people need to take responsibility, its also a generous move by apple to do such things. If put in a similar position I hope that I interact with a compassionate and generous genius. Why wish someone any ill will regardless of how the iPad was damaged :(
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    wow thats amazing, i thought to add apple care + you would have to get the device inspected
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    He said it was his mum who broke it accidentally. You know, that person who gave birth to you, put a roof over your head, fed you...

    OP, cant you buy Applecare+ over the phone or online? If so, buy it, then simply take it to the Apple store in a weeks time and say you just broke it a day before.
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    Because the costs get passed to us in the end.
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    Agreed--OP sounds like a nice person. Good luck, hope they replace it for you!
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    And I think its within apple's wherewithal to do this, especially given their incredibly inflated bank account.

    Like I said, its nice to see businesses doing something above and beyond the call of duty and apple does have a reputation of doing such things. Its one reason why I keep coming back to them

    he's not trying to scam anyone, or lie, stuff happens.
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    I agree too. And the OP had nothing to do with the damage. :(

    Let us know what happens, OP. Hopefully it works out in your favor.
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    Fair points, perhaps I was harsh, in one of those moods I guess!

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