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Crackle/Pop coming from Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Simm0nS777, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I just bought an ATV2 a week ago and while watching Netflix the TV speakers output a pop/crackle/static every few minutes or so. This has never happened on any other of my components so I assume it has got to be the ATV2 or a very rare chance of being the HDMI cable that I have not used in a year or so.

    Has anyone had this problem and is it fixable or do I have a bad device?

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    Please anyone?
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    I'm starting to think maybe it's my TV. Going to test it tomorrow on another TV.

    Still hoping someone here that has had this problem could give me some more ideas
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    Sorry mate, nothing here, does the ATV go directly into your tv or into a receiver first?
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    does it sound like this?
    if so, move your cell phone.
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    First thing, is the problem only while watching Netflix or does it happen when watching iTunes content or Youtube?

    Second don't assume that it's a "very rare chance of being the HDMI cable", these things do go bad. I had a problem with a flickering green line on my TV when using my PS3 and that turned out to be a faulty HDMI lead, so a replacement HDMI lead should be one of the very first things to try.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions so far guys. The apple tv goes right into my tv. No receiver.

    I did try a new hdmi cable and the problem still persists.

    Im going to try a different tv after work.
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    I don't get a pop or crackle, but I have this weird issue where after an hour or so of watching a movie the audio goes all distorted; like its being run through a digital synthesizer. I have to restart the ATV2 in order for it to clean itself up. The files are perfect and only happens when running them out of the ATV2.

    For clarification, I run the ATV2 to my TV, then the TV sends the audio down to my receiver via Optical Toslink. This is the same connection I use for the Mac Mini connected to the TV (actually switch the cable back and forth between the ATV2), so its definitely an issue with the ATV2 and not with anything else in the mix, so far as I can tell.

    Anyone else have the same issue?
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    I had the same thing last night and I pushed in the hdmi connection and it stopped

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