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Craigslist ad has 2010 Air for $400

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hogsrul, Oct 16, 2011.

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    He lives locally. What are some things to check when i go to meet him? I have heard of scams on Craigslist, are there ways to ensure i'm getting a real machine?
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    Well, I'd say if it boots into SL or Lion (whatever is on it) pretty quickly and looks like an Air, it probably is one.
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    Ask for a receipt to verify it's not stolen property.
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    good point
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    Also make sure to open it up and use it and make sure its working. Sometimes these are liquid/water damaged machines that are not disclosed to the buyer. If you have a pentalobe screw driver, you can always open up the bottom panel and just look at the underlying logic board for any corrosion, etc.; but at this point you are probably "hunting" for issues. Personally, if it turns on and all the ports work, a receipt is included, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about it being a dud.
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    Well go check the About This Mac to see if he is indeed selling you the model he claims he is.

    Asking to see an ID is never a bad idea. If he refuses you can be sure there is something wrong.
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    just look at the touchpad and make sure there is no button!
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    tom vilsack

    $400! my guess...stolen or something wrong with it.
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    Yes! Excellent idea. The touchpad will tell you how much RAM and disk space there is.
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    Some of you are paranoid. I sell stuff on craiglist all the time
    You come to a meet demanding ID and receipts, then I don't want
    Your money. Not everyone keeps receipts.
    I would have no chance of producing a receipt for my
    MacBook pro or my iPad, except for checking an online
    Credit card statement which is not much proof.
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    Probably out of warranty, but you could ask for the serial number and check the status on Apple's site

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    If I give a stranger 400 dollars I'd like to at least know his name.

    Why would you not show you ID to someone if you have nothing to hide?
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    Thanks for the tip :D
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    Maybe somebody could use your id to create themselves a fake one...using your info.
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    I doubt it is out of warranty as the 11" air rolled out last year at this time. So unless he got it the first month it came out is likely still has a little apple are left AND the option to extend it.
    What I would do:
    -meet in a public spot
    -bring usb peripherals to check each port
    -check the battery capacity using stat or coconut battery
    -ask for a receipt to ensure it is non stolen.
    -does it come with a charger/box/SL reinstall drive? if not any of these are included I would think that it is stolen.
    -If it is in good condition and not stolen, Congrats on a great find! The cheapest ones on CL are 500-600 for the first gen... At that point I would get one for apple for 649.
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    What info? Your name? I'm not saying you should give him your bank account information or your social. Just a quick look at his name is enough. You can't do anything with just a name.
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    2010 doesn't have the button! So just making sure you are not buying the older gen macbook air! Smarty pant!
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    Yea I know. But how is he supposed to differentiate the 2010 from the 2011 from looking at the touchpad. He could check if there is a Thunderbolt port or not if he doesn't want to open the computer to find out what model it is.
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    He is buying what the seller listed as "2010" so if he happen to get 2011 is a bonus! We just don't want the op to get the 2008!
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    You're right. I didn't see that.
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    I would think that if you're meeting locally, you should just check over the machine thoroughly and bring some USB peripherals to test. If it looks good, and it "feels" right, then you're probably good to go.

    Having said that, I've had a few ripoff experiences myself. The first involved not testing, the second was not listening to my gut instinct.

    The first was a laser printer that I bought from a guy and we met up in the parking lot of my workplace. Stupidly, I did not turn it on or try it out before handing over the cash. I just trusted the seller. It printed a few pages and then died. The seller stopped responding to my emails at that point, and when I called him out on it in public (Usenet forum), I began to get threatening emails from his buddies.

    The second was a G4 Cube. I met the seller at his house where he gave me a cursory demo of the machine. At one point I bumped a cable and the whole thing powered off. He shrugged and said "power cable must have been loose". Something inside me said "this isn't right" but I was so excited by the prospect of a beautiful G4 Cube that I bought it anyway. Now I have a G4 Cube in my basement that powers itself off at random for unknown reasons.
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    BS! Once they know your name, they can probably find your address. Who knows what else? You have no idea who the other person is. For either a Craigslist sale or acquisition, I would never tell someone my full name or show them my ID.

    Of course, you should thoroughly inspect whatever it is your buying.

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