Craigslist ultimate air 1550$ - opinions wanted

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by the2ndman, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Hello all,
    Ive been looking to get my hands on a macbook air for quite some time, but at the same time been looking for a good deal - cant afford to spend too much.
    Anyway, I found someone who is offering me a New In Box Ultimate 13inch Macbook Air (late 2010) for 1550 CAD. Its a local deal, so no sketchy postal things. The person seems to be a dealer of sorts, as he originally wanted to sell me more then just the one.
    I was going to go take a look, just because im curious. But is there anything that I can look for in order to make sure its not a cheap fake, or stolen?
    This is by far the cheapest deal ive found anywhere, anyone else bought a air over craigslist? All opinions welcome.
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    it's likely not a fake without being easily identifiable.

    however, it could likely be stolen. if they're an actual dealer, they'll be happy to provide proof of their standing as such. if they arent, yet are selling multiple items, they could be outright stolen, but highly unlikely as the theft is more likely to be identity theft and they're using their macbook purchases to launder the funds.

    you can check the serial online for outright theft, but if it's an ID theft funded purchase then it obviously wont show. either case, the serial number can make it easy to retrace the product back to you should you take out a warranty claim.

    just use common sense. if something doesnt feel right during the transaction, usually your senses are right. it's only greed that will cause someone to suppress those feelings.
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    Just go the safe way and get a Ultimate 13" MBA Refurb for the same price. Tax shouldn't be a big deal for the safety factor it "buys".
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    To me, a good general rule of thumb is to be wary when ever an individual is selling anything BNIB on Craigslist or Kijiji etc.

    The fact that you're posting the question here indicates that you sense something might be a little "off" in this deal. Trust your instincts.
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    Obviously ... don't show up alone with $1550 cash in your pocket ... take along a big friend (or 2) and meet in a very public place.:cool:
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    Bought two Ultimate Air (different sellers) on CL in LA. Super easy - I met thm at starbucks, the laptops are in impeccable condition. Both came with receipts and were legitimate. I got lucky and bought one of them for $1100 - almost the same price I paid for my base Air - which is now going back to the store :D So deals are to be had - just meet up at a starbucks and get as much information as possible!
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    Thanks for the replies guys. i think ill just go take a look at the computer and if something seems off ill just get one off the refurb store..
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    Sold mine off craigslist for 1500. Too many people hassling about the refurbish price. Should haggle him down to that price =] haha.

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