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Cram & Jam goes Europe

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by sebisworld, Aug 4, 2004.

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    Yes, it's here. Finally. We can now get 200 Euro (which is about $250) back - and I've waited for so long that I actually got my Powerbook on Monday and ordered my iPod on Sunday (the promotion started Monday). I hope Apple agrees to Cram & Jam me or else I would have to send it back and order it again - which is like really stupid.

    BTW, what's the point of a mail-in-rebate, why can't they just make it 200 € cheaper?
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    Looks great to me

    I have a question tough. Is this cram and jam for students only or is it an educational discount. Are teachers likely to get the rebate as well?
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    Yeah, it's for teachers, too.

    I just gave them a call to ask if I could get the rebate without having to return my powerbook. Short answer: What's Cram & Jam?

    Does anyone know how to contact ppl at apple that know what they're doing? The email support staff is 'currently not in'.

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