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Crash bang laptop gone...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by LordMord, Jul 18, 2003.

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    OK...now im just a little miffed. I HAD a perfectly good 15" ti 800mhz which I had decided would serve me well till the G5 could find its way into laptops whenever that is...

    Friend comes around and nocks it off my bookshelf...crash...[insert friendly conversation with friend here]...

    So, I'm now faced with buying a new laptop asap...I really hate the airport reception of the 15" so I have two questions...

    1. Has anybody upgraded from 15" to 17" and found the larger size annoying and thought of going back to 15"?

    2. What has happened to the 15.4" (havent been following this as I wasent going to upgrade for well probably a year)? The rumors seem to have completely died on this?!

    Dear God grant me the will to go forth and carry the monster 17" every day...give me strength to invite my friend for a drink and apologize for the...well you get the picture...

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    Re: Crash bang laptop gone...

    the *exact* same thing happened to me. my powerbook is still working... but there's a large crack along the left hinge and the sound card is on the fritz.

    this is the machine that is going to get me through college. :(

    if i was going to get a new laptop, i would wait until the 15s were updated. i'm sorry this happened to someone else :(
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    ahhh!!! my girlfriend did that to my compaq laptop a couple years ago.
    she totalled it.
    sorry for your problems gentlemen.
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    Ouch... bad luck mate:(
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    I also would wait until two weeks. There are signs that these new laptops are around the corner. The online Apple Store has both 12-inch models out-of-stock (5-7 days). The supply in the retail channels of all models are constrained. Something is afoot; it's just as soon as some of us had hoped :rolleyes:
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    well...I will wait then as long as I can stand it...

    Havent been without a laptop in the last 10 years + so its creepy...strange what we get used to and then find it hard to live without :D
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    1:: Are you insured?

    If Yes go to 2
    If No go to 1A

    1A: Is your friend going to pay for it?

    If Yes go to 3
    If No go to 1B

    1B: Nail the little.... and have his girlfriend/wife/lover/mother

    2: You're laughing!! get the 17" pronto!

    3: You're laughing!! get the 17" pronto! Maxed with RAM and the biggest HD!


    I'd wait though, PowerBook updates are REALLY REALLY close.... if it's project critical that you get one immediately maybe consider hiring one out for a couple of weeks!

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    I wouldn't wait

    I wouldn't wait. The new Powerbooks aren't that close and they aren't going to be that impressive of an upgrade, especially for the 17", if that's what you are considering.

    If you can handle the size and the extra $$, then grab the 17 and enjoy it.

    Personally, I just bought a new 15 Ti myself. I don't believe the updates, when they show up, will cause me any buyers remorse. I could be wrong, but I have my own information.

    Good luck.
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    iGAV I would fall under point 2. so I SHOULD get some form of compensation... hence I'm not in custody right now! :D

    My worry is the size of the 17". If the airport reception worked :mad: , it had blue tooth I would buy the 15", as it is I'm finding it hard to make a decision...

    Damit apple anounce something either way for us :(
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    Re: well...I will wait then as long as I can stand it...

    So true! I can't stand sitting at my desk to use a computer anymore, portability is definitely worth the premium you pay for a laptop vs. a desktop!!!
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    I sincerely hope that you're correct, but based on recent experience I no longer believe the estimated shipping times for the Apple Store are a reliable indicator of when (or if) updates are on the way.

    About 2-3 weeks ago, the estimated shipping times for the 15" PowerBook shot up to 7-10 days (it had been at "same day", if I recall correctly). Some of us took this as the sign that yes, indeedy, an updated model was going to be announced at MWNY. Sure enough, as time for MWNY got closer, they dropped the estimated shipping time to 5-7 days, and then 1-3 days. Of course, in the end, no new PowerBooks. Boo hoo.

    As for me, I am going to wait until Tuesday (July 22) to see if the "Steve-Jobs-is-stalling-to-spite-IDG" theory pans out ;) If there is still no announcement by that point, I'll go ahead and buy the current TiBook.
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    Good plan...

    Ill do the same, but no way can I wait any longer...so, new al 15" on Tue or Ill have to think hard about the 17"...

    thx guys
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    oh but hang on...

    if they anounce them Tue then when will they ship?! :confused: :rolleyes: :mad:
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    Based on current rebates, it looks like late Sept, early Oct. Even then, minor speed bumps and feature parity. Possible price drops. If you buy the 17 now, you'll be happy for awhile.

    One question, can't you get it fixed? Or is it just beyond repair/not worth the price? Just curious.
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    if his damage is similar to mine, then apple will charge $650 for tier 2 repair (i think that's what it's called). i thought the price was not worth getting. i might have considered it if i was not saving for college, but that's just a lot of money.

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