Crash or Simpson (Wii)

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by giganten, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Okay I want a fun game for the Wii.
    I did like the old Crash games and the new Crash of the titans look good, but I also like Simpson and the game will be out soon.

    What game do you think I should spend my money on?
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    well I was a huge Crash fan back in the day and I tried the demo of the new one on my 360 and didn't think it was half bad.

    Can you rent one or both first? Both are getting mediocre reviews so you might get burned on either
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    The Simpson's game will likely be the better choice. It's being called one of the few, actually good, Simpson's games. It's being compared, in terms of comedy, wit and quality to when the Simpson's show was in it's prime. The single player game is supposedly really fun but the co-op game is "broken" or "not designed well." If you intend to play alone, it's supposedly a very good game. One small gripe, that people have been stating, is that they think it the game is a little short. However, the stages are very clever and the in-game dialog and comedy more than makes up for any shortcomings. One interesting to note is that many people have been saying that the game looks better in SD than in it's perfect for the Wii.
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    Heh, I was shouted at by folk who will remain nameless for daring to say SD could be better for HD at rare occasions ;)

    Anyroad! I'd go for the Simpsons. See it'll be a tough choice, both game series have very poor games in them. But I'm hearing the Simpsons game is quite good, if a little stale with the humour and possibly having too many parodies.
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    I already picked up Crash last week. Haven't played much as I also bought Fifa. It seems ok. Some annoyances but will hold off till I play more. Looking forward to Simpsons...but for me I'd be happy with little as I'm a huge fan so will probably forgive that game more...

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    The Simpson demo on PS3 was horrible. The controls were difficult to use, and the game really was designed as a multiplayer.
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    They still don't have Simpsons here...but between all the games I've purchased recently only Fifa and Zack and Wiki are getting any real play time (also purchased Rockstar Table Tennis, MySims, Crash, and that on rails shooter that's out in Japan (blanking on the name as I've not had any time to sit down with it yet).

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    I've just ordered table tennis, after reading some great reviews, thought it would be a blast!

    what did you make of it?
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    So far for me there's way too many menus. I want to jump into games and it takes forever..always loading or playing some rockstar stuff. The game itself seemed ok once I could finally play...there was either a lag in the wiimote or my timings are waaayyy I was getting schooled by even early opponents. I bought too many games at once though and it hasn't had proper play time though so my views might be off somewhat.

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    I haven't heard great reviews from either but Simpsons seems good. I just got BWii and I love it!

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