Crazy battery life

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Macatak60, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Started listening to pandora at work on wifi Wednesday morning. Listenined about 6 hours. Browsed Internet that night for an hour. Listened to pandora today for 4 hours and been browsing since 9:30 tonight and still at 41% battery life. Any thoughts on this
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    No thoughts at this time.
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    Battery life for music only (with the display off) is 140 hours. I'm assuming your display was not in heavy use.
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    Is this normal? I use it all the time and vie had it since launch day. Ive just never noticed the time and I have now bc I wanted to see how long I cle use it with pandora
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    Same here, very impressed with iPad battery too.
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    I've had impressive battery life too. Not many things I do are processor intensive so I rarely charge out of necessity. Usually I end up charging it when I happen to need to sync with iTunes and just leave it connected to charge.
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    Battery life is awesome. I still charge it every night but not because I need to just because I plug it in at the same time as my iPhone 3G because it does need charging every night
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    My battery significantly became worse recently. It drops 35% from a full charge just playing solitaire for an hour and a half. :mad:
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    What do you have your brightness set at?
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    "Not many things I do are processor intensive so I rarely charge out of necessity."

    That's not really a concept that applies to the iPad. Your primary drains on the battery are powering the display (and brightness levels), 3G (if in use) and Bluetooth. Every other action is pretty much in the same range. As I noted above, with music only and with the display off it can go up to 140 hours
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    I plug in my iPad to charge once every 3 or 4 days unless my son "makes" me play a marathon session of Plants vs. Zombies or pinball. Then I have to charge it sooner.

    I never turn it off either. With WiFi off, the battery percentage doesn't move in the ~20 hours it waits for me to use it again. :)
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    I'd trade some battery life for a thinner, lighter iPad.
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    Hell-to-the-no. I travel a lot and this is where the iPad really shines. Cutting battery life would make it a far less desirable item. I already have a MacBook Air which I'm very happy with aside from battery life. My iPad more than doubles the MBA's battery life and that's what makes it worth the price.
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    You must be joking.......:eek:

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