Crazy On Digital iPad 2 TPU Case with Smart Cover (cheapest case ever)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by j-a-x, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. j-a-x, Mar 31, 2011
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    I wanted to start a new thread for the ultra cheap "Crazy On Digital" case I got on Amazon.Com for $1 ($3 shipped). Actually I got it for slightly less after a partial refund because of shipping troubles.

    This case is about as cheap as you can get as far as iPad 2 cases go. I wasn't sure if it was worth buying but I figured for $3 I might as well give it a shot.


    This case is actually a decent quality clear TPU case. It's not perfect and has some minor manufacturing defects where the plastic isn't quite as smooth as it should be, but it's actually pretty decent for $3, and it'll make a great temporary case until some real iPad 2 cases come onto the market. The fit was surprisingly tight and it was almost hard to get the iPad in. There's no room for the case to move or stretch and the feel of it is pretty close to a Belkin Grip Vue.

    Since I only paid $1.50 for it, I decided to attempt to modify it so it could be used with my Smart Cover. I used a scalpel to cut a notch in the side for the smart cover (with the help of my girlfriend who has a much steadier hand than I do). The result is pretty decent. The Smart cover stays on perfectly and when it is closed it causes the iPad to sleep/wake like it should. The notch I cut in the case any looser than it was, although I could see dirt getting in there when the Smart Cover is removed.

    The only downside is that the case extends around the screen about a millimeter, so the magnets don't hold the case closed as well as they otherwise would have, but it's still pretty decent.

    Here are some photos of my mod.


    My bird Lupe liked the mod so much that he wanted to eat it.

    The biggest downside of this case is the goofy dot pattern on the case. Why do case manufacturers even put designs on them when they never look good? It would be much nicer if they just made simple plain clear cases with no pattern in my opinion.

    Also it doesn't seem to work with the SD Card adapter in the camera connection kit. You have to take off the case to plug in the SD card adapter, however it works ok with the USB adapter which is slightly smaller.
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    Can't find it on Amazon. You have a link?
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    Lupe FTW!
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    The bird is the best part :D hehehe!
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    Yep that's the right link ( and it does seem that they have increased the price by 1000%. :(

    For $10 I might have held out but for $1.50 shipped this thing is pretty decent. Even for $10 it's not terrible but there might be something without the spots on it that you could get instead.

    Again, the biggest downsides are the pattern on the back and the thickness of the case above the edges of the screen. I'm not sure if that is an issue with all TPU cases or not.

    I think I'm going to get the Incipio feather when it becomes compatible with the smart cover. Then I can use this one when I feel like I'm going to be more likely to drop the iPad (if I'm carrying it around outside a lot for example) and I can use the feather when I'm just around the house. That is unless something better comes out, and I'm guessing there is a pretty good chance that we'll see some more interesting cases soon.

    Btw, I'm glad people like Lupe! :)
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    Buyer beware. This dealer is very sketchy. I ordered from them and never received my shipment (even though they said it shipped). After arguing with them they admitted they didnt ship it bc they ran out of stock (even though theyre amazon page said it was still in stock. I fought it with Amazon and got my money back.
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    They did that to me too. I should have mentioned that.

    I paid $1 plus $2 shipping. They said they shipped the next day and gave me a non-working tracking number. When I emailed them about it they told me "screen protectors are out of stock, we are very sorry and will ship asap". But I didn't order a screen protector. So I told them that, and then they said "your tracking number should work within 3 business days" as if they had already shipped but the tracking number had not been updated by the shipper yet. Then when the tracking number finally updated (a week ago), the tracking page said they had JUST shipped it (a week late), so I emailed them again to tell them that it just shipped even though they said it shipped a week ago. Then they acted like I just contacted them for the first time and said something like "just go to the webpage and you'll see that the package has already shipped. I was like "yeah but it shipped a week after you initially said it shipped".

    Anyways in the end they gave me a $1.50 refund for my trouble, bring the grand total to $1.50 shipped. I can't really complain too much because of the price despite how long it took and how annoying it was to deal with them.

    I'd say that for the cheap price you get bad service but not a particularly bad quality case.
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    the tracking number ACTUALLY work, but it's not from USPS, but it's from if you go to that site and put the tracking number, you can actually track the package. Apparently, UPS-MI is a cheap way to do bulk mailing and it will ended up at the local USPS offices and then it will show the tracking, in the meantime, you can track with :)

    (I found that out after asking for them to provide me tracking information and realized the site)
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    I know it is for UPS-MI but even there it did not work for one week because all they did was purchase the shipping when the item was out of stock to make it look like it shipped, but eventually it appeared on the UPS-MI site once it actually shipped (which took a long time).

    Then for the last leg of the trip, the tracking number worked in USPS (once UPS-MI had transferred the package to USPS).
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    Hmm, im starting to get a bit worried. I ordered this same case a few days ago for $3 as well. $6.96 after shipping. I got an email 2 days ago saying it had shipped, but im having the same issues as others have mentioned, the tracking number does nothing! How long did those that had shipping issues wait before you contacted crazy on digital? I hate to call and accuse someone of not shipping something. How long did it take to finally receive the case?
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    Thanks for this info. I ordered this package from them when it was $1.99, and the tracking number I (finally) received hasn't worked, but going through ups-mi, I see it actually has shipped.
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  16. Chupa Chupa, Apr 1, 2011
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    Chupa Chupa

    +1. Ordered same case as OP two weeks ago and never received it. Tracking number did not work until today. Looks like seller took his sweet time mailing it. So, yes, avoid this seller unless you are in no particular rush.
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    Yeah but if you order from another vendor you won't get the sweet green bracelet (see my photos).

    CrazyOn seems kind of unreliable. They replied to some of my emails but not all. But overall I am happy enough now that I got it.
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    Well, for me it worked on right 2days of getting the tracking info.
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    Just received this case, and it has got to be THE hardest case I have ever tried to put on. It is such a tight fit that I spent about 5 minutes just trying to get the corners up and over the device...I got it on eventually but I don't know if I'll actually be using this case since I like to switch my cases up every now and then.
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    Cutting it up to make it smart cover compatible has the added benefit of making it esier to get your iPad in and out of.
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    I like that X one, I think it looks much better than Crazy On's case.
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    Just ordered the eBay case to modify with a Smart cover. I like the X design. I got it free since I used Paypal Bill Me Later. I will just wait for my $10 credit and then apply it for this case. I will post some pics if I get it before anyone else does.
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    I bought this one as well. I like it a lot. It has a textured surface with the X design being smooth. I also cut out a section for the Smart Cover hinge. Great case for $9.97 with free shipping.
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    does anyone know if i can fit one of these cases with zagg full body shield on? if not, those with no shields, do you think there is room to slide over? thanks.

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