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create a Video CD that will play in DVD players

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by bluemonkey, Apr 25, 2005.

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    How do I do this? I tried exporting from iMovie to Quicktime, and also to MPEG-4 and the discs were unreadable to my Sony DVD player. Do I need some sort of special authoring software?
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    I use Toast for making VCD's. but you still have the problem of some DVD players not playing them.
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    How old is your DVD player? I can get VCD to play in my new Sony but not my 3 year old one.
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    age has nothing to do with ... i have a brand new DENON that doesn't play VCD's
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    Part of it is regional too. VCDs are a lot more common in Asia (they're used instead of VHS), so the DVD players released here tend to support them. On the other hand, the models released in, say, the US may not all support VCD.
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    James Philp

    Basically, you have to check the DVD player for compatibility.
    I have a YAKUMO player that plays DVD, VCD, MP3, anything in MPEG format (even .AVI and .MPG) and can even read folder stucture, so I can burn a normal data DVD, and as long as it has MPEG format, it can read it!
    And all this for £30! - Look cheap - a lot of the more expensive players play DVDs really well, but don't have all those features built in.

    The YAKUMO player is here - check out those supported formats!
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    Yep, sounds like similar features to my Philips 625, which I got for free with one of those 'bonus points' schemes :D
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    Toast Titanium 5 gave me an "Export to VCD" option in iMovie and FCE. I'd think Toast 6 would do the same.
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    Inspector Lee

    Have you included iTMS tracks on these VCDs you burn with Toast or does the DRM shut it down. I can't burn purchased music via Toast anymore. I read somewhere that Cupertino blew it out with a Quicktime update.
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    My (very) old Sony 5-discs DVD player does play VCDs but only if I use blue-dye discs and I burn at 1x (higher than that and it has problems reading past about 20 minutes).

    Other dye colors usually result in the player telling me "no disc". :rolleyes:

    Is that LaCie external FireWire, Dual-Layer, LightScribe-capable burner out, yet? (it even comes with Toast if you buy the Mac version).
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    Rod Rod

    VCDs are MPEG1, and SVCDs are MPEG2. www.videohelp.com has all the answers and tutorials for how to create VCDs. This link (if it works) has all the Mac OS guides:
    this seems helpful:
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    mad jew

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    I have not tried to include iTM track on to the VCDs, I mainly use toast for making VCDs of my short films and the music is added to the final movie. But you have me curios, I'm going to play with that, see if I can’t add hidden features.

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