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Created a new event on my phone, isnt showing up online or in ical

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by bbplayer5, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Does the phone not push new information to the cloud and then to ical? I made a simple "Iphone Release" for today, and its not pushing it..
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    If you are watching the MobileMe threads, like this one, you'd know that MobileMe is still not fully functional.
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    There's A whole lot of shoving from the user end part, unfortunately, not much Pushing from Mobile Me...

    I synced my info to mobile me earlier today and it still isn't on my phone.. I may just forget it, turn off push on the phone and sync it the ol'fashion way through iTunes..
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    Its not functional on the phone pushing to the cloud you mean? Does that mean another software update is coming soon?
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    some people are having issues with the phone, some the computers..

    for me, I'm not getting my info pushed to the phone, took the info from my computer, synced it up, checked the ME website, the info is there, I see it, but it's not getting pushed to my phone..
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    The stuff on my computer syncs with the web perfectly, and does in fact sync with my phone... But new events i add on my PHONE done sync back to the cloud... hmm...

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