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Creative announces Zen Stone - 1GB for $39.99 - an iPod shuf...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 3, 2007.

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    Stone, eh? That thing's going to go down like one.
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    I'm really getting of sick and tired of seeing all of these supposed "iPod Killer" stories. Give it up already. Its going to take a lot more than just a lower price to kill an iPod. Its already the industry standard for MP3 players. If a low price was a factor in people's decisions then it wouldn't have taken off in the first place as the iPod was one of the most expensive players out there and still is in certain areas.
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    Hey, they need to make shocking headlines to attract users :)

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    If will ever exist an iPod killer, it will be a revolutionary product,, and not a cheaper clone of an iPod.. it will have the right price for its quality but it will own a revolutionary and totally innovative control interface..

    iPod is the best because of the clickwheel, that it's really addictive, and because of the software-hardware integration.. You all constructors have to beat Apple here if you want to kill the iPod.

    My 2 cents.
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    that thing is pretty dope actually for being just 40 bucks...

    but like the guy who replied to this thread first... gonna be unsuccessful.
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    Quite cute, but not really any more cute than the shuffle.

    I also find it pretty funny the things creative said about the shuffle being lame compared to their flash based players, so didn't pose a threat - after all - people like features!

    Then they made a clone which couldn't be any more similar without being on shaky legal ground. That's consistency for you!
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    Physically, it seems as good as the shuffle (since it is a direct copy).

    But how can something be an iPod killer when it doesn't play AAC? The Stone is going after the WMA crowd. It is a Sansa killer maybe. A Clix killer?
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    iPod Killer it's not but it is an affordable and capable alternative.

    I am actually tempted to get one.
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    the black one is the only good looking one imo.
    and only 10hours battery life? is that less than the iPod Shuffle?

    the only thing going for it is price.
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    this thing have a clip? there's the truth test of its worth!
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    no but there looks like they have a keychain pouch for it. :rolleyes:
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    According to Apple, the shuffle gets 12 hours of playback, so it beats the "stone" with better battery life.

    I think I'll stick w/ :apple:
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    the Shuffle has 12 hour battery life so it's not a huge difference. I still think the Shuffle is more attractive. If anything, Apple would double the storage of the Shuffle for the same price rather than lower the price of their current Shuffle. With DRM free music at twice the bit rate coming to the iTS, the extra storage will be needed.
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    No orange!? This things destined for failure for this reason alone. :rolleyes:
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    i knew the 1st gen shuffles were rated at 12 hours, wasn't sure about the new ones, although i did always get over 12 with mine. and i agree with you on both counts. the shuffle looks better, also is made out of a better material imo, and i think they should bump it. even if it causes a bump in the Nano's then too.
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    I still prefer the old shuffle with its additional functionality as a memory stick. Plenty small for me.
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    The only iPod killer will be whatever Apple releases as the newest iPod replacement... there's your iPod killer.
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    DF points out Creative's former stance on tiny, simple no-screen players without radios:

    Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo on the iPod Shuffle, back in January 2005:

    So I think the whole industry will just laugh at it, because the flash people – it’s worse than the cheapest Chinese player. Even the cheap, cheap Chinese brand today has display and has FM.

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    Clive At Five

    Does it sync with iTunes? If not, then no it couldn't possibly kill the shuffle. If so, then it might stand a slim chance...

    ...with emphasis on 'slim.'

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    iTunes supports pretty much any player. This Zen will synch just fine I'm sure.

    iTunes MUSIC STORE is another matter. Only the upcoming DRM-less tracks might play.

    And if this player supports MP3 but not MP4/AAC (which I'm not sure about) then that limits you no matter what jukebox you use.
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    No brown? No way :D
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    I think they look nice.

    I especially like the key-fob case.
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    the play/pause button looks way too small. and how could this look any more like a shuffle? the navigation control is even off-centered, just like the shuffle. not very creative if you ask me.

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