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Creative declares marketing 'war' against iPod

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Laslo Panaflex

    Wow, pretty ambitious, considering I don't know of anybody that has any creative mp3 player, yet I know of at least a dozen people that have iPods . . . excluding those on these boards of course. :D
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    said "WHO"?

    Cre...create...creative? since when did they grow some balls?
    well they better prepare to be castrated.
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    haha, too bad they're a year and a half too late on this.
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    If even Microsoft, the KING of marketing can't outdo the iPod, the hopes of any other company getting anywhere close is roughly nil.
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    For $100 million they could GIVE away 400,000 mp3 players (based on $250). Based on that, if we assume a generious 100 persent mark up, they will have to sell 800,000 units to break even on this. If the markup is only 50 percent, then they need to sell 1.2 million. If I were a stock holder, I'd be a little PO'd. But that's just me. :D
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    take over iPod !? :eek:

    Bring it on creative, waste your 100 million.
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    Poor Wong Hoo... he is declaring war after he has already lost.

    Rumors are that Apple is going to introduce a flash player which should move them from their current 70% market share (which includes both flash and hard-drive players) to about 90% (assuming they achieve the same market penetration on flash players as they do on hard drive players). It's already over - Creative is irrelevant.
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    I wonder how much Apple spends in iPod advertising this past year.... wonder if it's over $100 million....
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    Invest well, I need some cash to start my business ;)

    but 100M in a lost adventure... that's funny.
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    They just don't get it! If he would spend that $100 million in R&D to make a decent product, you wouldn't have to give it away to get people to use them! :p
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    This may be a very subtle move on Creative's part...

    I think Mr. Hoo may be onto something here...trying to position his company to capitalize on this 'disco' craze that's spreading around the world.

    Or maybe he and I are somewhat behind the times? ;)

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    It's the iPod/iTunes experience!

    HAHA. 100 million dollars. yeah right. I figure he'd need to revise his figure to 1 billion dollars; to cover the cost of creating a new OS and a new music management program that can compete with iTunes on both Windows and MacOSX.

    These execs can't come anymore clueless can they?
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    even if he comes with a

    Developers, developers, developers, show.

    Hoo declared war? hoo is that man?
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    haha nice, seriously though, what is he thinking?
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    Without reference to the logic of this marketing move/announcement, I will say that Creative does make some of the nicest competetive models to the iPod. I personally think the iPod is still the best, but their products deserve some recognition in the sales dept me thinks.

    Healthy competition is good. (Although big mouths are often not.)
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    You have it all wrong

    You all have it wrong.

    Yes the iPod is good, yes it has the best interface and depending on your preference, maybe the best music management software.

    But most people get an iPod because of the social status and social status is all marketing. Just like BMWs. BMWs are fast but they unreliable and very shittily built. It's all about image. $100m can buy you a good image if used right. But will it be enough to unsettle apple? I don't think so but I think we'll see less of a clear market lead for Apple and instead 2 market leaders.
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    Enough money can create a second market leader? Maybe, anything's possible... but good luck with that :) I suspect Apple can out-spend Creative as needed and STILL make more profit on iPods than Creative makes on its players. In fact, a big marketing blitz from Creative might mean an overall loss in the player segment, in the hopes of making it up later.
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    If $100M worth of marketing would be enough, don't you think Microsoft would have spent it by now?
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    Ha, creative could become the next REAL.
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    Good luck dude. *puts on his earphones connected to his recently purchased iPod Photo* :D [​IMG]
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    Seriously though you guys do know of the Zen series? It’s a pretty popular MP3 player but even with 100 million I don't think it stands a chance in hell. 100 million can't compete with trendy and that, for now, is what the iPod is.
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    Microsoft doesn't make an MP3 player.
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    If they bring out a MP3 etc player with in built FM radio, built in audio recorder, excellent battery life, competative HDD capacity, for a killer price as a huge loss leader, I think they could have signficant impact at the high end. Many MS users (what 90% of the pc market) still dont get it that cheap doesn't mean its going to be as productive and freindly to use...

    Apple on the other hand will hopefully keep innovating and not be complacient in the face of the challenge. Now thats only got to be a good thing for the enlightened part of the world ;)
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    The best part (from Apple's point of view), is that Apple doesn't even have to compete dollar for dollar for advertising! With the NBA putting the iPod on the sports page of every newspaper for free the competitors have a huge bar to get over before Apple spends a dime!

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