Creative ideas for using a Mac Mini G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by El Awesome, Apr 6, 2013.

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    El Awesome

    Hey guys,

    I have an old Mac Mini G4 laying around, working perfectly fine, and I have no idea what to do with it. My main computer is a super-fast hackintosh that acts as some sort of homeserver as well as my gaming machine and my machine to do work. Then I have a MacBook Pro from 2008 as a backup machine, which also works fine.
    I already thought of ripping the Mac Mini and fit one of Intels NUC boards inside, but I still wouldn't know how to use the machine and as it still works I don't want to kill it. It's a cute little Mac :)
    I guess nowadays it's too weak to play 1080p videos smoothly, which means it can't be used as HTPC as well. I don't need some sort of server as well...
    I'm not gonna sell it, because I'm not getting back what I paid for it years ago.

    So do you guys have any creative ideas of what to do with this little thing?
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    In-car multimedia? Hook it up to a monitor & put in the spare room? If I was in your position though - I'd go down the NUC route & make it one kick-ass HTPC. Trust me, you'll feel guilty at first... But you'll soon get over it :p. It'll still play SD videos, DVD's & music perfectly fine as it is though so you've got nothing to lose by hooking up to your TV anyway.
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    Welcome back!! you built your hack then disappeared. Whats up?
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    El Awesome

    I had an idea today: My hack is upstairs, my TV downstairs. I have ethernet connection through my whole house.
    Now, what if I connect my upstairs PC with a downstairs HTPC and then do some gaming via ScreenSharing? Via WiFi, I didn't even try to because the input lag way way too high. But what about nice and fast Ethernet-connection? Would it work to let the upstairs hack do the work and show it via the HTPC on the downstairs TV?

    Hahaha thanks :D I wrote you a message with link to my build log. I'm actually still in the process of building it (WTF, I know). I had it running for some time and now I'm putting the wc-loop on. The loop itself is done, now I just gotta do some work on my desk to fit it nicely inside :p
    I actually wasn't gone, I was visiting this forum every now and then (especially the Mac-gaming subforum ;) )
    I wanted to finish the hack back in February, but life has got me with a lot of stuff to do since then.. I hope to finish it before summer comes :D
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    Playback media via Screen Sharing/VNC? It doesn't work very well, even on a 1GB network connection.
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    A bit of an understatement. VNC is horrible for media.
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    Yea, Apple Remote Desktop/Screen Sharing is based off of VNC and on full quality it works, but there are graphical glitches on slower machines and random blue lines. It also requires a lot of bandwidth.
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    Of course, I've never had the chance to use it on a 1GB connection like Intell... :mad:
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    El Awesome

    So I guess there isn't any alternative via Ethernet?
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    Maybe use it as a media/iTunes server.


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