Creative Labs to sell speakers for the iPod

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tazo, May 29, 2003.

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    After a lengthy search on the Creative website, here is the product webpage.

    They look nice, I wonder if the sound is good.
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    The CNN reporter said they sounded better than his shelf sound system.
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    I agree, the Titanium look is very attractive. Wonder if it's a design developed to compliment the new case for the upcoming Power Mac G5 PPC CPU? ;)
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    Heh. Puny compared to my 7.1 rig. You wanna talk about filling the room with sound, eh? ;)

    Anyway, these look like they just took standard PC speakers and made 'em in white. I'm sure it's a good system, but let's not let them jump us to the conclusion that they were specially designed for the iPod.
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    actually, not exactly.

    Anyways, why can't anyone use the real shipping product in their little 360(degree-don't know the key stroke)? It's so obvious it's CGI images and they are compressed incorrectly to boot.

    Anyways, these weren't made for the iPod as the article leans, they were grey/black and decided that if they make them white, they'll look nice and match the iPod/iBook/iMac.
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    well I looked at them and the speakers are only 9 watts and the powered sub a mere 20 watts, nah I won't throw away my shelf system just yet.....
    and I don't think the ipod can put out much power.
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    they look pretty nice. but I dont think that i will be replacing my stereo system with them.

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