Creative Lawsuit Update: Apple Sues Creative

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by Queso, May 18, 2006.

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    Give Hell Apple!
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    That's what they get for effing with the Steve™.
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    Why the **** is it filed in Wisconsin? :confused:
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    take those bums down a peg (if that's even possible at this point with their current lowly status :p )
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    Hmm... I seem to have predicted this here

    Does anyone know what are the four patents Apple is suing Creative for infringing?
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    Good for Apple. I hope Apple stomps them into the ground with their counter suit. :D
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    I'll see your patent and raise you three. :D

    Anyone know which four Apple patents are mentioned in the suit?

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    IJ Reilly

    Earth, fire, air and water.
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    Thats what i'm talking about...service with a smile...give em hell Steve...punks hating on apple.

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    LOL. So that's the Steve's secret weapon, he's patented the elements!

    I really do want to know if the four are better defined than the weak "Zen" patent.

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    I was just reading the figure on market share. 77% of all mp3 players. Holy moley. No wonder Creative wants a piece of the pie.
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    Great... just what we need. More litigation. It'd be an interesting scenario if it's Creative who is indeed countersuing Apple.
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    I hope this lawsuit puts Creative out of business.

    *crosses fingers*
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    Sounds like Creatives All or Nothing lawsuit just got even more final.
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    I think Creative might be second-guessing their decision to sue Apple. What a lame idea that was.
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    Maybe they are hoping to be bought out...
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    Unlikely given their CEOs posturing. More likely looking to get a FairPlay license & access to iTunes.

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    Ah. well that make sense.
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    Creative Lawsuit Update: Apple Sues Creative


    Apple is counter-suing Creative, claiming they are in violation in four of its patents. The lawsuit was filed on May 15th, the same day that Creative filed its lawsuit.

    Creative is trying to bar Apple from selling iPods in the U.S. through a cease-and-desist order. Even though Creative's suit's implications are broad, Apple's suit (if successful) could have more impact on Creative because Creative is a smaller company.
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    Alright, go Apple!
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    Good for apple.
  23. DrK
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    Can't everybody just get along?

    I mean... think of the Children! Would someone think of the Children?!?
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    Good job Apple-- go after the patent trolls as hard as you can. Keep in mind that the NextStep column view had been around since the 80s.

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