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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by eclipse525, Aug 15, 2005.

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    I know we have a large group of talented creatives throughout this Forum, with some great resources and experience. Can you list some of your most valuable websites. Whether it is for "Fonts", "Tips", "Inspiration" or the latest trends. I'm sure there are tons of "untapped" sites that are worth mention.

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    Funny to see this thread, I just found this font site the other day when I needed to find a cool font to use for this graphic for my website. Im not sure if its well known or not but maybe someone else will find it useful too.

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    I love dafont.com. It's by far the best one and graffitifonts.com
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    Oooh, I can't plug this site enough...


    I am a graphic designer, that is how I currently make a living, and this is one of the only sites I check EVERY SINGLE DAY. A constant inspiration...
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    ya, dafont is one of those unfound masterpieces. i cant find fonts any other way.
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    also, www.panic.com has a brilliant website. check out thier "goods" store. that is some amazing coding right there.
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    I love this guy's work displayed here. Have a browse round some of his stuff, it's amazing.

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    Beautiful :) Some gorgeous examples of what well planned Typography can do for you.
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    web store completely dedicated to design founded by what i consider the two finest new media designers around today, Mike Cina and Mike Young. their book selection is top notch.
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    Mike Davidson has some interesting elements on his as well as editorials on some design and programming elements. Plus, he gives away iPod shuffles (where I got mine), so that's a plus :D.
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    Sirus The Virus

    Thanks for the link. This site is awesome!
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    Wow, that's really creepy, but not in a horror way, but in a "different" way.

    That should have a warning for those at work or all alone in their dark bedroom!
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