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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mew2468, May 9, 2009.

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    I tried searching and found nothing...

    Could somebody give me the criteria of the default "Recently Played" smart playlist in iTunes?
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    Can you not simply Ctrl-Click the playlist and select "Edit Playlist"? I don't have the default list that came with iTunes, but that's the way to normally look at others. Another option is to delete the default and then create you own with the same name and add your own criteria.

    Hope that's helpful! Good luck.
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    Actually, I deleted the default smart playlist, and I want to know the criteria of it so I can create it again.
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    Recently played - within the last - 2 weeks
    Podcast - no

    Automatically update
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    Last Played is in the last 2 weeks (Those are what the boxes say, I realize that's terrible English)

    Live updating and Match all are checked, the other two options are not.
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    To see the search criteria of any Smart Playlist, just right-click on the playlist and select "Edit Smart Playlist"
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    I know what the OP said. I was making a general statement for anyone who may not know how to determine the search criteria of a Smart Playlist. :rolleyes:

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