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Crossover-Steam Help

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by colinmoore84, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I've just successfully downloaded Crossover (With my macbook with Mac OSX) and I believe it works fine, though I tried for one downloading Counter-Strike Condition Zero via disc it didn't work hoping steam would download with it.
    But I'm mainly just trying to get Steam I couldn't find it in "Supported Apps" but I was able to downloaded with unsupported applications.
    So I get the download file and go through the regular Steam download with agreements and question but once that's done Steam opens up and says Steam is searching for updates...and it just stays like this and then disappears... I took a screenshot.


    Please help, I'm convinced somebody up there just doesn't want me to play Counter-Strike after all this time...Even when I had a P.C haha.
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    Are you using Crossover or Crossover Games? It is listed as a supported app for Crossover Games, and it works just fine for me in that version. Crossover Games 7.2.0 just came out last week, too, and had some fixes for the latest version of Steam. I've had no problems with Steam in 7.2.0 so far.
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    Just Crossover...
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    I suggest Crossover Games as I do not know what's the diff b/t that and Crossover regular.. but I use CX Games and it has a built in help installer for Steam rather than unsupported
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    If you bought Crossover Mac, then Crossover Games is also included as part of that package. I don't know if it is a separate install or how it is handled as part of Crossover Mac, but using that should allow you to use Steam without any problems.

    Edit: That does assume you have Crossover Mac Pro and not Standard.
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    yeah it's crossover Pro that includes Games

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