Crucial memory for 15" 1.25 GHz Powerbook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jcgerm, Sep 2, 2004.

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    I want to buy another 512 MB of RAM for my Powerbook so I checked out The price for a 512 MB chip for my Powerbook is $139.99, but if I look for 512 MB of RAM for any other 12", 15", or 17" Powerbook (excluding the Ti book), the RAM is priced at ~$107. I don't want to spend an extra $30 some just because of the specific model I have. Has anyone bought crucial RAM for their 1.25 GHz 15" Powerbook other than the "recommended" RAM? Please let me know, and if you could include the model number of the RAM, that would be awesome. Thanks.
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    you could always just buy a gig stick for that here
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    You sure that will work with my Powerbook? Also, for that price I would kind of be suspect about the performance I can get out of it.
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    I've purchased memory from Crucial for my G5, my wife's iMac, and my 15" Powerbook, and the price seems to be reasonable. I've done business with them for years now on other systems, too, and never had a problem with their merchandise (knock on wood!)

    One caveat: buying from some of these other sources means you're sometimes on your own if you develop problems with it down the line. Crucial has a wonderful warranty replacement policy, so hopefully that will give you peace of mind...
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    its really well... a load of pb users from the macnn site use them.... rubbishy site though... good picture section
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    Another option is to wait.

    Another option is to just wait until the prices go down or find a vendor that offers a lifetime warranty at a price between Crucial and the lowest priced vendor offering a short warranty.

    If the cheap memory for 1 GB goes under $75 bucks and Crucial still wants to rob me at over $400 then I am going to go it. I have 512 so I can wait. I hope I can upgrade my memory before Powerbook G5's or similar. I would pay Crucial's prices if they were only 2 times more expensive or included a free copy of Final Cut Pro. :rolleyes:
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    The reason the price is different for the 2 systems is sheer luck. Crucial has dynamic pricing on their site, which means that the price will be different almost every time you go there, unless you go there often. The price will be higher if the cookies on your HDD lead them to believe that you make a lot of purchases over the internet, and if you don't seem to have a lot of money, the price for the same RAM will be less. Sneaky? Yeah, sure it is, but if a poorer person sees low priced "good" RAM, they may be more willing to save up the money to buy it because it's not THAT expensive. If you're richer, they'll hike up their price because chances are that you don't care and would buy the RAM whether they were selling it for $109 or $134 for a 512MB stick. These 2 groups compensate each other, and Crucial moves more product out the door.

    Go into preferences in Safari or whatever, delete all Cookies, disable Cookies, go to Crucial, find your RAM, and hit the RELOAD page button until you get the price you want. No joke. Sometimes the 512MB stick will go as low as $95 for the PowerBooks. :)

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