Crucial now selling Mac Pro Ram again

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by glassbathroom, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Crucial UK and US are now selling Mac Pro Ram again, but only in 512MB modules.

    2x512MB - £105.99 (ex VAT) or $199.99

    1x512MB - £55.99 (ex VAT) or $104.99

    Get it while its hot! ......................or should that be cool. :)
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    The only problem is that when you try and order, you get this message. So I guess they haven't got it sorted out yet.

    Part Availability Notice
    We are sorry, but the product you selected is temporarily out of stock. However, we are constantly replenishing our inventory and there's a good chance that this product will become available soon.
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    What use is 1x512? You have to install them in pairs!
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    Come on Locatel. I know you want to.................;) ;)

    Note : I am not saying that ayone should buy this RAM, I am just passing on the news.
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    Thats good then saves me £100. Is it as good as the Apple ram?
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    Who really knows. I have ordered from Crucial before and they provided a good service. The RAM has some guarantees so you can return it if it doesn't work or fails.
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    Actually, didn't barefeats or someone test that and it turned out that while you SHOULD install them in pairs it will work with single modules?

    Anyways, not a bad price, really. I assume they have some sort of heat sink on them, as Apple makes such a big deal about the sinks, and Crucial has a pretty good warranty on their products...

    Since there are 8 modules for RAM, 2 with 512's in them by default you could set up a 4gb machine for "only" $600, which has GOT to be enough for 95% of the people out there. I know there are those out there with 8gb+ setups, but seriously, unless you are doing some kind of crazy intense vidoe editing, 4gb must get you by pretty well, no?
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    The image looks similar to the Apple version with heat sinks.

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    I just placed an order with Crucial for 2 x 512MB FB-DIMM without issue.
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    Well spotted. They now appear to be shipping from the US, but not in the UK yet. Hopefully it won't be long.
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    Yay, this is good. I'll probably buy a gig when my comp ships.
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    I would wait until someone tests a configuration like that. The serial latency of FB-DIMMs could make 8x512MB less than ideal for usage.
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    I would think that 2GB is more than enough for 95% of the people out there.
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    old saying - RAM is like money, you can never have too much. 2GB is the bare minimum I'd accept for running Aperture, much less Photoshop (which liked 2GB+ pre-Rosetta), and if you're doing video editing the more the merrier.
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    I would like to see performance comparisons with 8 x 512MB modules vs. 4 x 1 GB and see if there is a considerable difference in performance.
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    I don't think there will be since it's quad-channel not octo-channel. There's a marginal difference of four versus two though.
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    Please take pictures when you get it, the angle on the Crucial site gives a wierd idea of what it looks like and I'd be interested seeing it side by side with the Apple RAM.
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    I wonder how long it'll take for them to get 1gb dimms on the market now. Did they have them before they had to take everything off?
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    Somebody over on the Appleinsider forums emailed them and they said that they'll have 1GB and possible other sizes in 1-2 weeks.
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    My Crucial Mac Pro modules shipped out this morning. I should have them by Monday morning. I will post pics when they arrive.
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    Crucial now showing 2Gb modules (single and pairs), but still no 1Gb modules. Strange!!

    The modules are not available to order yet. You get the parts out of stock screen, if you try.
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    Prices seem to climb every time I look - 2x512 went from 199 to 211 yesterday to 220 today, and those 2GB prices aren't good at all.
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