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Cruise pix

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by nickelbackmac, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Hey guys, finally figured out how to post pix here. For those of you that have been on a cruise (like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, etc), port your vacation pix here. Here's some of mine:

    Well, I exceeded my limit so I'll post some more later.

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    Cruises are the bomb. By far the easiest and funnest vacation ever. We don't even take cruises for the places anymore, we just go to be on the ship and take a break. This is a pic from a cruise I took to Alaska, last year. We've done that trip 3 times :eek:

    Out of all the lines I've travelled, I'd say Celebrity is the best. I think they have the nicest ships, good food, and most importantly the best staff.

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    Yes, I LOVE to cruise. I use Carnival mostly, but my first Royal Caribbean cruise is now booked for Spring Break '07 on the Freedom of the Seas with my wife and 2 kids.
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    I'm sure you'll have an awesome time. I took the Rhapsody of the Seas down to Mexico a few years ago and it was great. RC is a great line for kids, they have great facilities and activities.

    You're never gonna wanna go on a Carnival cruise again though ;)
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    Curious as to why you'd say so. Went on my first cruise a couple of weeks ago with Princess (a Carnival line -- full of old people in ball gowns, apparently) and had a really good time. I've since been told that other cruise lines are much more laid back -- no assigned eating times, no "formal nights," etc. (which sounds great to me). I've heard good things about Norwegian?

    Anyway, do tell more about your experiences and what's made good and "bad" cruises.
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    Well, one thing I dislike about Carnival cruises are the people (both staff and...cruisers [don't know what they're called]). I'm not really sure how I should describe the people so I won't try.

    The staff I found not to be very professional. On other lines I've been on they make you feel like you're the only people they'll be dealing with all the season. I can remember one cruise where everybody from the cleaning lady to my waiter was amazing. The staff really make a big difference.

    I've never been on Norwegian but from what I've heard they are pretty good. Holland America is another great line, very elegant, beautiful ships.
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    I find Royal Caribbean to be a really good line. I went on my first cruise on the Mariner of the Seas. Absolute beautiful ship! Everything was wonderful on it. Then, I went on The Carnival Conquest. I hated it. Service sucked, food was nnot all that great, and the ship was not attractive to me at all. Royal Caribbean does make you not want to go on Carnival again.

    Anyway, how much did it cost to go on the Freedom of the Seas? We are dying to go on it during Summer '07.
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    Oh man, it was about 4-5 grand, but I hear its worth it, with its waterpark rock climb, ice skating rink, and more. I agree with killuminati, Carnival cruises aren't good. The picture that I posted was from Spring Break '06 was the worst ever! For instance, at the start, my son dropped my dig. camera in one of them photo development booths, thinking he was trying to help and get our pix developed (he's only 2, you can't blame him) so I asked the staff if they could help getting it out and they actually said, "It's your fault, and it's your problem. Sorry, I have better things to do." I don't think I will EVER forget that. Also, our housekeeper/room person was rude. We had a penthouse suite, and there's a private balcony for it (and the oceanview w/ balcony rooms). Well, he took our chairs that they give you to sit and look at the ocean, so people that had opened up their balconies (it must have been a party group or something) could have chairs! We had to sit on the floor or stand on our balcony the rest of the cruise. I am NEVER sailing with them again.
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    I disagree. I think Costa's the best.

    Hmm, I have an entire section that I'll be posting soon, so...(virtually every pic that survived the virus that got on my old lappie in March while wirelessly networked in Mexico.
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    Holland America
    Costa (great, great, GREAT food)
    Royal Carribbean
    I've also heard Crystal was good too
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    I've been on quite a few now.

    So Far My Order of Preference is:

    Royal Carribean
    Princess / Disney - tied

    Royal Carribean was always a class act. Great Service, Great food, great itenerary. Pretty laid back.

    Princess was pretty nice (took the mediteranian cruise), food was acceptable, crew was great. Great ports of call!

    Disney - Food was just OK, fantastic everything else though. The Disney theme is far from being overwhelming and the kids had a great time. Decent Itenerary.

    Carnival - Well... Its cheap! Went on an off week and the kids had a great time in the Camp Carnival. Pools are small. Service is lacking (waiter actually got my order wrong one night and didn't even ask for my order the next night). Food was Average at best. The Camp counselors told me they were expecting 1450 kids on one of the school holidays. We had on the order of 140 kids on the entire ship and the pools were full. I feel sorry for anyone who went during the busy weeks. They have a slide! LOL
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    Royal Caribbean is by far the best cruise line out there. I took two cruises to the caribbean with Royal Caribbean and they were amazing. Then i took one to alaska on norweign cruise line, omg, by far the absolute WORST vacation ever. First of all, the only point of going on alaskan cruises is to see glacier bay right? So the day before we were to go to glacier bay the captain comes onto the speaker system and says some sh** about how one of the navigating engines or something is leaking some stuff and we cant go to glacier bay because of environmental reasons. their ships are poorly built, they suck. second, i was eating dinner one night, some average pasta and i bite down and i feel something sharp. immeadiately i spit everything out and what do i see? a 1-inch piece of aluminum from i guess it was a can or something but it could have severly cut my tongue. they head of the dining room comes and asks for my room #. I think they would give some kind of sympathy gift right? NOTHING!
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    Ooh, my best friend's an engineer on Royal Carribean and Holland America. Be nice to the staff, especially if they're blonde girls, 'cause it might be my pal. :)
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    I heard that all of the suicides on cruise ships seem to be on Norwegian Cruise Lines. The only time they were nice was when Donald Trump sailed with the cast of "The Apprentice" for 12 days on the Norwegian Jewel.
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    Just out of curiosity, did you go out of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. Maybe Cape Canaveral.
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    If you mean the one in the picture, the Carnival Glory, I left from Port (or Cape) Canaveral
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    I've been on two Carnival (one to the Bahamas, one to Mexico)
    I think two Princess

    And just recently... Louis Cruise lines to some of the Greek islands.

    Princess is BY FAR, the nicest cruise I have ever been on (my parents agree and they've been on more cruises). Carnival is a bit too large and inundated w/ kids and families to be relaxing or fun...

    Princess' ships are typically a little bit smaller, quieter, and immaculate inside along w/ superb service (and food :D).

    Louis Cruise lines? Don't EVER EVER EVER take it unless you have absolutely no other way possible to travel. Ugh. The no-smoking-in-any-cabin rule? A joke. My sister and I would leave our smoke-free cabin, come back to have it "cleaned" by the steward, and open the door to a cabin-filled w/ smoke. Delightful. :rolleyes: Our first time in the cabin, they hadn't even changed out the drinking glasses (someone's used glass w/ liquid inside of it was still there)! They didn't change the towels, other towels would completly disappear... etc. etc. etc. The food was abysmal. Unless you'd like some food poisoning. We traveled w/ a group of approximately 38 people and some of them got food poisoning. Ugh. Avoid Louis Cruise lines.

    But yes. I <3 Princess.
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    I am, but for other reasons :p
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    some pix from my horrible norweign cruise

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    The first image is the image of the ship we were on, the Costa Mediterranea, the second image is an image of our waiter, Carlos de torre, who btw, hooked us up with second and third dinners (we got three platefuls of lobster :D), and the third was while we were tendering over from the ship to the shore because the dock was ruined during Hurricane Rita. The image was taken in Grand Cayman Island. The last is a picture of me. I'm a germophobe, and I was in Jamaica, what bothered me was everyone around smelled like hemp. :(

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    Hemp (and or the smell of it) is not synonymous with germs. :confused:

    on topic...

    I was on a Pricess cruise many years back, I thought it was a really posh set up. I have nothing to compare it to however, haven't done it since.
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    I wish I could go on a cruise, except that my father, has helped the US get millions of dollars in fines. He even was the one that prevented a cruise line from leaving port, because of numerous violations.
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    So your father would rather not go on any cruise? The second one isn't that surprising. They should be prevented if they are recklessly violating the law. What, because they're a big fancy ship with thousands of passengers means they should do whatever they like.

    They made the decision, they paid the price.
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    We would like to go, except we aren't sure if we would be treated well. :)
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    I went on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise to Bermuda. The food was fine, the boat (NCL Majesty) was fine, and besides the comedian (he was not funny at all) the entertainment was good. I was a little upset that I was like one of the only kids on the boat though. It was mostly old people and grossly overweight middle aged people.

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