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Crumpler case for 11" Air.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Ill Mitch, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Ill Mitch

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    Check out the Tom Bihn Sleeve

    I don't have firsthand experience with the Crumpler case. However, I glanced at it online when I was looking for a sleeve for my MBA 13. I passed on it because of the zipper. No matter how well zippers are shielded, they always seem to come in contact with the MBA when it's going in or coming out of the sleeve. I ordered a Tom Bihn Cache sleeve, and it is perfect for me - nary a zipper in sight! If you are looking for a sleeve to use inside another bag, I highly recommend it. They have an 11" model and it's only $30 (lifetime warranty also). No, I don't work for Tom Bihn, but I am very impressed with the design and quality of their sleeves.


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    +1 for Tom Bihn Sleeve. I have one for my netbook and it works great :)
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    Ill Mitch

    Thanks for the replies, good point on the zipper Mark, I have heard that the Crumpler case is a tight fit on the MBA, don't want my pretty new computer getting all scratched up.

    Those Tom Bihn sleeves look nice, I think I will go the zipperless route. :)

    I do have a $50 gift certificate to the Apple store and would like to use it, but it seems that the only sleeve they have is the incase one which doesn't seem to be too popular around here.
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    For Christmas my wife got me the Tom Bihn sleeve for the 11" MBA and I couldn't be happier with it.
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    How about a padded manila envelope, it'll fit and nobody will suspect a Thing
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    I use the incase Netbook neoprene sleev (I think it's a 10.2").
    It's tight, but works as well as the 13" MBA sleeve I had for the 1G with the added bonus of a zipper

    I found it at Target for $30

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