Crystal Spheres, Reborn.

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by mischief, Feb 1, 2003.

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    Okay. Thanx to the holidays the Game development project I was working on with Dukestreet and some others got Archived so I'm restarting an active thread for it.

    I have 2 new tem members to add.... One who's willing to work on both the engine and the modelling and the other who speaks C.

    Both of these guys are local to me here in SC. One of them introduced me to an engine called "OAGRE" that's quite versatile and the other who's been in on this from the beginning but wasn't active in the online discussions. I'll ppost more as we experiment with the new material.
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    Mr. Anderson

    so where does it all stand?

    And Aleph vs. OAGRE?

    C is ok, but if we do this right you really need object oriented code, I'd go with C++. Its also easier to integrate code/classes between individuals that way.

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    My Bad.

    It's in object C.

    Aleph is built on old code from Bungie and is mainly designed to extend the lifespan of the Marathon Universe.

    Oagre is built from the ground up as an open GL, object oriented game engine with no constraints to a particular genre or style. Theoretically Oagre could be used for either mass-combat games or FPS's.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: My Bad.

    what is that? and how does it differ from C++?

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    just posting here so that I get the emails...and can keep an eye on this thread....

    Sorry nothing meaningful to add so far :p
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    Re: Re: My Bad.

    Same language, just the mac-parlance.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I did a search and didn't see anything for OSX, did I not look hard enough?

    And from what I saw it has some relation to gcc which I've used on UNIX boxes before. What about OAGRE, have you used this?

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    I couldn't find it either.

    The browsers here at the store get used too much to realistically go back through. I'll get Branden to show me where the hell he found it and I'll post the link. He will have been playing with it a bit in the meantime. It's cross-platform and seems quite robust.
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    Do you mean Objective-C ?

    That would be a different object-oriented extension to the C language. It is the recommended development language for Cocoa applications.
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    honestly, the engine isnt the most important thing. The most important thing is having the story, characters, etc laid out, blueprints of the levels, EVERYTHING done on paper and ready to be created in the computer...thats the only way. once you start on the computer you'll never get anythign done. Paper man....paper...
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'll second that one - you need to have a plan, written down and not in your head or on napkins.

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    Would you like them fedexed?

    I can start cranking them out up to 42" across in colour with relief but I'll be doing it all in CAD anyway. I've been considering just doing the damn terrain modelling and getting it over with. I have access to Carerra too so I can do the basic creature samples.

    The problem with me and hardcopy for **** like this is that I'd rather sculpt and take pictures...... Hmm.... that's not a bad thought..... Let me see what I can turn out.

    You all have my e-mail adress.... if you could give me mailing adresses I can start mailing out packets.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I think before you even start making terrain and mock ups of creatures (which is only a very small part of the project), you need to come up with a list of things that need to be done and work on creating a project outline, dependancies, tasks, etc.

    Its much more than being creative, its about organizing the task so that it has a structure, not just doing what it is you feel like at the time.

    Its going to be something like a multidimensional story board, incorporating design, characters, game play, database, program, ai, etc. Basically taking the big picture and making a list of things that you need to get there and all the subtasks.

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    Ick...... You asked 4 it.

    I was considering doing it as an HTML file on CD. I should get Golive 6 anyway so I don't go nutz using 5 in Classic. I'll start with the world model and layer it all out as a site, linking by dependancies. The finished notes will be voluminous as I've been thinking this out a while.

    The actual process notes will have to evolve from the notes because all of this is quite real already for me so the best I can do for you would be to catalog the world and it's contents, features and UI so it's clear what the finished product looks like.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Do what ever works best for you. HTML will provide nice links and we could always put it online and send everyone the link to view it.

    GoLive6 is good, I use it on all my sites. You might want to use css to make templating easier.

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    Huh? Link please.:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Style sheets, simple to set up and it just makes all your pages have the same look and feel. You can also incorporate that with templates in GoLive.

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    I shoulda known that one. Need more coffee.....:p
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    Here we go:

    crossplatform and no differentiation between objects and sprites.:D

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