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CS:S on MacBook? Worth downloading it?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Tymmz, Oct 28, 2006.

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    A friend got a MacBook (2 GHz, 1,25 RAM) and we are going to install Boot Camp and Windows on it.

    Because I have a Steam Account from way back and haven't played CS:S for a very long time I'm tempted to download CS:S on his new Book. But it's quite a big download and I just want to make sure it's playable.

    Will it work?

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    Some maps will be ok, but the ones that use HDR like dust are practically unplayable.
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    What is "HDR"?
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    Simple solution - turn HDR off, or use the less demanding Bloom instead.

    HDR is a nifty lighting technique which makes the contrast between light/dark things all fancy. It's good but CS:S survived a very long time and did very well before it. You can play the game without it.

    Download. it will play brilliantly. Even runs on my old laptop with similar specs to the old 12" PowerBook but in 1200*something resolution with very little slowdown. enjoy :)
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    Unfortunetly it wont. For some strange reason HL2 plays grand with the macbook getting a solid 30fps at all times, but CS:S is a different kettle of fish and has some really weird issues. Some maps your framerate is going to be as low as 7-9fps (using the same settings as HL2, changing them makes very little difference).

    It definetly has more to do with specific maps than the game in general, but really it's not worth the download. Sorry.
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    Well that's theory out the window! Strange that it should run well on pretty much anything else...
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    Too bad.

    Hopefully I'm in a position next year to upgrade my 12'' PB to a "game-capable"-Mac.

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