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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Merser, Oct 15, 2007.

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    I am thinking of picking up a copy of Adobe Design Standard CS3 from ebay. The one that I am buying would be the student/teacher version.

    I understand that it is the same software, but there is one statement in the sellers description that I dont quite understand...

    "The only difference between this and the retail version(which sells for $1199) is that you can't register the student version under a business name and use it for commercial purposes..."

    I will be using it for homeschool purposes, but there is a chance that I might make a few flyers for non-profits or political flyers for some local candidates. And yes I would probably make a few dollars from it.

    I am kind of new to major software licenses (other then MS Office). What and how is this enforced? I don't want to break any laws.
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    Adobe's Educational License Is Very Liberal & Lets You Make Money With It

    No worries. Adobe's educational license includes allowing you to make money with it as well as upgrading from it to a commercial version in future. :)
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    Thanks Multimedia, but what exactly does upgrading it to "commercial version" mean?
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    You are not entitled to upgrade your software if you have the educational edition. That is a limitation.
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    Adobe's Educational License Includes Being Able To Upgrade CS3 To Commercial CS4

    No - ACTUALLY, that's an Apple software limitation. Adobe lets you upgrade from educational CS3 to commercial CS4.
    It means that in future when you are no longer in school you can upgrade from your educational CS3 to regular commercial CS4 without penalty. Apple won't let you do that. Adobe will.
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    Educational versions are not able to be resold. Once you buy it, that's it. So if he's reselling it on eBay, that's against the licensing agreement. At least that's what my CS3 version license agreement says.
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    Educational Resellers Use eBay As One Of Their Websites

    It's probably an educational reseller who uses eBay as one of their vehicles to sell with.
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    Hope so. Be careful. You may end up with something that won't activate.
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    FWIW, I got the Design Suite Premium for $299+ tax from my university bookstore. The Design Suite Standard was $199+ tax I believe. I could have spent the extra money and got the Design Suite Master Collection for $499+ tax, but the way I see it is I'll never use half the other programs. That's what Apple has Final Cut Studio 2 for (which are better IMO). :p
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    If you are an educational sales place, you can sell it.

    If you are a current student, you can sell it.

    If you graduated within the last 6 months, you can sell it. (this one, I recall from a few years ago, maybe its changed)

    After that, you are S.O.L. in terms of selling it, ever. Legally.:rolleyes:

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