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Cult game from 1996 - Ascendancy - to be released on iOS

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by mabaker, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Holy CRAP! I love Ascendancy!!!!! I was only 14/15 when I played it, but boy do I remember the awesomeness of it. I can't wait to buy this!!! I wish I knew a release date.
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    Same for me. It’s a gorgeous game and the screenshots show that they kept its classic flair with some minor additions and enhancements.

    They wanted to release Ascendancy II but it would have been a multiplayer release only which would defy the purpose of this classic.

    I am EXTREMELY happy about the release and hope it will be out this year. Of course them being an indepentent dev house the release may be postponed to 2011. Either way it’s worth the wait.
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    What is this Ascendancy game you speak of? What kind of game was it?
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    It’s a game like Master Of Orion, or Civilization set in space. But better. You can watch a video presentation here:

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    Looks excellent. Definitely on my "To Buy" list.

    I hope it isn't to long before we see it in the app store.
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    Do you guys think they'll port any of the masters of Orion to iPad if this takes off in sales?
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    Oh boy. I've been waiting for something like this. In fact, I'm rather shocked that these true 4X games haven't already been on the iPad yet. This platform was *built* for games like this. Maybe this will convince the Gal Civ creators to make a version for iOS.
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    You know, many of the amazing titles released in the 90’s won’t probably see their new release on the iPad - sadly many of the companies if not the majority have gone defunct.

    To have games like Theme Hospital, MoO or Fragile Allegiance on the iPad would be outstanding but the publishers have long disappeared.

    We are EXTREMELY lucky that the Logic Factory - the company behind Ascendancy - has been out there for more than 15 years now which is unheard of for a gaming publishers/dev house.
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    Never heard of this before but i will deffo check it out once it is released, i was used to love playing turn based strategy games back in the day.
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    It's true many have disappeared. Most have been cannibalized into a new development group. Still, we do have a couple of major 4X developers that are more recent. We're talking the 21st Century 4X devs. Galactic Civilizations by StarDock. A slew of others is created by Malfador Machinations.
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    The guy who recently released dink small wood on the app store is still alive and kicking. And that game was originally made in 97. Speaking of which if they are gone why can't ea or some big time publisher just buy the rights and remake them or make a compilation or something like they've done on psp with ea greatest hits? They'd make bank. or why aren't they considered abandon ware and some rAndom indie dev just use or ask for the. Rights and remake them since they are abandon ware? Wasn't that whole idea behind abandon mania and the underdogs sites? If those sites exist why is apple scared?
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    Or why can't the publishers or deva of sins of solar empire just port it and make bUcks since the game is a bit old and unpopular on pc this would give it a new audience. Would it be possible to port it all intact though for iPad?
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    If any old game makes it to the iPad, I'd love to see Fallout.
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    Simon the Sorceror 1&2

    and Dungeon Keeper would be enough to make me buy an iPad all on its own.
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    I want Ikari Warrior!
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    Hey guys why are there so little windows or dos pc game ports to iPad? I just started playing Dink Smallwood cause I really have an itch for pc style western rpg on iPad and this seemed like the only option. I don't regret getting it at all. In fact the controls feel great and I don't see why there are so few pc style RPGs on iPad? This game reminds me of divine divinity so far at beginning and that was one of my fav games. Do you guys think divine divinity can be potted? or why aren't games like baldurs gate, nox, etc. On iPad and this is the only real game of it's kind when iPad has been out over 6 months?
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    I think the problem is clear. We see huge potential for the iPad yet the developers are feeling comfortable in porting… iPhone apps to the iPad. While that is certainly ok it is not enough to differentiate the iPad from the iPhone.

    The classic games would be THE thing to consider. But as I’ve said earlier it’s more a question of copy rights than effort.
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    It's been a while since this was mentioned. Any further news on when it might hit the App store?
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    I had an e-mail from the developers of Ascendancy yesterday saying:

    We are in "crunch mode" on what
    may in fact be the master candidate. If it is as clean as we think it is
    right now we will submit the version to Apple for their evaluation within
    days, if not hours. Depending upon how long their evaluation takes, we do
    hope to see Ascendancy go live on the App Store before Christmas, but it
    may be cutting it too close.

    So, hopefully, it may just be on our iPads in time for Christmas Day. Looks good, and looking forward to it as one of my next major App purchases.

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    Thanks for the great news, Kevin! Hope Apple won’t do any allures this time around with this amazing game.
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    What allures has apple done before? Make it more casual or something?
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    Great game. i will be buying it on day 1

    As other said I would love to see the original Fallout's 1&2, Masters of Orion, XCOM and Jagged Alliance get ported over. I'd even be willing to fork out money for the old D&D Silver and Goldbox games

    I loved the non-RTS game genre which has all but died after the RTS games started to take over.
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    I know, I am just being extra cautious as this game is probably one of the very best turn based strategy out there. I just hope apple won't declare anything they used in the code as a "no go". But that is just me. Being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

    To me this game is what ipad is all about. Depth and creativity united.

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