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Current Events Forum Instructions

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by arn, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. arn
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    This forum is for users to post links about other news items of interest to the MacRumors community. Please do not post threads asking for opinions, rants etc...

    Often, news items may not fit into MacRumors and may not be appropriate as a main-page news item.

    Those items should be posted here with relevant links.
    Threads here will be featured prominently to promote discussion.

    This forum will be closely moderated, and SPAM postings and self serving posts will be deleted/moved.

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    The Macrumors universe is rapidly expanding. This forum will probably get really busy real quick with all the political debates that go on here.
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    So this is for legit news, not rumors, that may be of intrerest to the Mac community, like political stuff, 4.7 Ghz Wintel, or Phillips and Rendevous or Sonica and AC3 Digital Sound?
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    ed- since this is under the Article Discussion heading then it would go to figure that you have an actual article.
  5. arn
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    yes... this is for non-rumor stuff.

    Mac or Non-Mac related.

    But, it should be based on a newsitem or current "event" to promote the discussion. Not just your personal rants... :)

    But, many significant Mac-events are MacRumors.com relevant, and may be covered on the Macrumors.com main page.

    Farscape cancellation, for example would go best here... not on the Macrumors main page. The phillips/rendezvous announcement was significant enough to be on the main macrumors page.

    This is a work in progress... so we'll see how it goes.

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    Just making sure.:)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very cool, I look forward to seeing how it works out.

    D :D
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    Well, so far it looks like a sucess. Keep those articles coming!:D
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    Dangit! Forgot to read the rules post...

    Sorry arn.... I'm a newbie, and I forgot to check at the top for rules threads, and because this was news I wanted to stay within the topic of the forums, and I wasn't sure... since it ties in with other older rumors, please move it at your discretion. -Dibbs
  10. arn
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    Re: Dangit! Forgot to read the rules post...

    Looks fine... some else had posted a similar post under the MacApps forum - but what can you do... :) Kinda fits in both.

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    Arn, I know this is a liberal site and all, but surely you don't have to play along with postings like that of MacAztec advocating mass-murder and genocide? We really don't need to be reminded how low political debate can go, do we? We've got the daily news to tell us that...
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    i think letting any political propaganda on here is asking for trouble.

    gentoo allows it and it starts nothing but fights because everyone seems to have a problem with the US ;)
    seems to be PC to bash USA on forums like these and i like coming to this one and dont need to be banned for defending my country!

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