Current iPod nano with old USB 1.1 eMac/Tiger? Anyone doing this?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by nagromme, Jun 30, 2008.

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    My friend with a 700 Mhz eMac wants an iPod.

    The new Nano's official requirements state you must have Tiger (which she has) and USB 2.0 (which she doesn't). That eMac has USB 1.1.

    Obviously, the music would synch slooooowly--especially the first time. That's OK. But would it WORK? For sure?

    I don't want her to waste her money on my advice!

    Thanks in advance.
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    They list 2.0 as a requirement because 1.1 is just too slow.
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    I had a Classic with an emac with 1.1 and it works it's just really sloooowwww.
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    Tom B.

    Yeah, I used my current nano for a while with my first generation 12" PowerBook, and while of course it was very slow, it did work.
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    Thanks for the reports. Were your eMac/PowerBook definitely the older USB 1.1 models? (When you say first-gen that does sound promising!)

    Remember, later eMacs (1.25 Ghz or greater) DID have USB 2.0. So did later 12" PowerBooks (1.0 Ghz or greater).

    Unfortunately, this chart below seems to say pretty clearly that no current iPod (except Shuffle) can be used with 1.1 on a Mac. Earlier iPods list that 1.1 will work but 2.0 is recommended. Current ones apparently will NOT work at all for some reason.

    Are we sure that's not true? The 2.0 requirement is apparently not just about speed--or about video filesizes (one theory I had) because the 5th gen full iPod (with video) DOES list USB 1.1 support. But the new models on the same chart say no :(

    Unfortunately my friend doesn't have a lot of money, so I hate to have her risk an iPod that can't be returned. Maybe we can find a reputable source for an older iPod. But she would like video, and can afford a $99 video nano refurb.
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    Tom B.

    PowerBook 867MHz:

    • One FireWire 400 port at up to 400 Mbps6
    • Two 12-Mbps USB 1.1 ports

    eMac 700MHz:

    Peripheral connections
    • Two 400-Mbps FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports5; 8 watts shared
    • Total of five USB 1.1 ports: three on computer (shared on two 12-Mbps controllers); two on keyboard

    I see no reason why a 3rd Generation nano would work with my PowerBook, but not with your friend's eMac.
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    Very good!

    Someone at iLounge gave a positive report as well.

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