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Current iPod Supply Depleting

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by alia, Apr 2, 2003.

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    I've been keeping my eye on the iPod supply at Amazon.com b/c I have a gift certificate there and I want to grab a 10 gig iPod for my birthday next week. Well, starting two days ago, you can't add the 10 gig iPods to your cart anymore. This sudden lack of iPod supply interested me, so I started checking around... Here's what I've found from different online retailers:

    BH Photo - no 10/20 gigs
    Amazon.com - no 10 but still has 20
    Microcenter - No 10 even listed on the site and 7 - 21 days for 20
    Compusa - 2-4 weeks for 10 and 20 (depends on whether mac or pc)
    Best Buy - no 20, but 10 shipping in 2-3 days
    ClubMac - no 10 or 20
    MacMall - no 10 or 20
    MacWarehouse - no 10 or 20
    eCost.com - no 10, 20 in stock
    MacConnection - 7-14 days for 10, in stock on 20
    MacZone - no 10, in stock on 20
    CDW - 2+ weeks on 10 and 1-2 weeks on 20
    Buy.com - no 10, no 20

    VERY short supplies out there online... I wonder if this means we might FINALLY get an update soon.

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    one can hope... either that or demand has slacked off so much due to the wait that people aren't ordering more for stock?

    either way, it's a conspiracy!!! ;)
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    That's some nice work. I'm beginning to wonder how big a "revision" this will be. I mean, if the entire stock is depleting, it suggests it may be completely revamped. Then again, it may be that the 20 gig case is going to be thinner (with the smaller HDD) and that may be confusing for some consumers, I guess.

    iPods this Tuesday. ;)
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    I went to my neighborhood target and found that they ran out of iPods, period....Best buy only had 1 iPod (mac only). Let's hope they come out with something new...The news here are gettin very boring....
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    as of tonight my local computer store as an entire shelf full of 10gig ones.. not a single 5 or 20 in site.
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    I was gonna buy a 20 gigger back in January, but, stupidly, decided to wait

    I'm not gonna give up now though!
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    Haha..I am kind of the same way...except I decided to go looking for one two weeks ago. Hurry up Apple!!!
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    :points to page 2:

    Mac Bindle says no more 10 GB, but i call BS.
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    I called it first. ;)

    Well, posted this yesterday, so I guess I was one step ahead of MacBidouille (assuming they are correct, which they might not be!).


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    this might have something to do with it
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    nah I doubt it, the iPod is a hot seller so if the retailers can stock them then they would, I doubt it would be like in protest or something.
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    Well, if the deauthorization has already occurred and the old agreement expired on the 31st of March, that could explain some of the dealers, but Amazon.com, and some of the others weren't mentioned there, and they are still out of stock.

    So... it's probably coincidental.

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    After reading that article I think thats a very good assumption. If you look on apples site 10gig and 20gigs are shipping 1-2day. sounds to me like the retailers just CANT order anymore.
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    Jigsaw Systems here in the UK are out of all iPods but it says stock expected 10/04 on all of them including the 5GB. I am almost certain these will not be in the de-authorisation that has been mentioned previously.

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