Custom re-install of Lion - how much space do you save?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nph, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. nph
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    I have always re-installed all versions of OS X as soon as I got it or a new MAc. By removing all languages except English and printers except the one I use, I usually save at least 2 gig.

    What are you experiences with re-installing Lion on your new MBA?
    Also do you just do the Command-R during start up and down load it?

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    interested in this too. i heard you lose iLife though, but hopefully that's an easy re-install
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    From my experience on 2 custom installs, on 2 different machines, there is no way to do anything "custom" with lion. I'd love to be wrong.
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    Just make sure you visit the Mac App Store initially getting your Air, and sign in. This will then allocate you iLife apps to your account so you can download later.

    Others that fail to do this, may have to buy them after the event.
  5. halledise, Aug 7, 2011
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    thanks for the heads up!

    so you can't even save some space by only installing English and not the other languages? can you leave anything out at all?
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    There are no options for any customization at all during a fresh install. Not even unused languages.
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    you can customize what iLife applications you install by redownloading only the ones you want.

    that saved me about 1-2gb
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    monolingual cut off 1.7 gigabytes by removing languages and legacy code. Now I already had other software installed such as office 2011 so some of that would be removed from that software also but regardless the savings was substantial. I also removed garageband which saves a huge amount of space also since I will never use it
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    2 gigs of that was probably printers etc.. that don't get installed with lion.

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